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Samsung unveil ‘Neo QLED’ LCD EU/US prices & availability

Samsung's Neo QLED TV prices have been leaked for EU and US - no signs of UK pricing just yet

Updated: Mar 2, 2022 2:09 pm
Samsung unveil ‘Neo QLED’ LCD EU/US prices & availability

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As we approach the end of Q1 in 2022, big TV manufacturers are starting to unveil key details surrounding some of their most anticipated products. The latest company to unveil hotly anticipated news regarding its latest TV lineup is Samsung – who today lifted the lid on the brand’s Neo QLED TV prices and availability.

The big takeaway from the announcement was not how some of Samsung’s new 2022 LCD TVs will more expensive than the 2021 models, but how some will actually be cheaper.

Here are the confirmed Samsung ‘Neo QLED’ prices and availability for EU and US.

How much will Samsung Neo QLED TVs cost?

Samsun Neo QLED prices
(Image source: Samsung)

For the most part, Samsung’s ‘new’ high-end LCD TVs will be near-identical to the 2021 models – utilizing very similar display and video technology. Having said that, Samsung will be launching a new 43-inch QN90B TV to the lineup for its European consumer, with no confirmation on North American availability. The 43-inch QN90B will feature a starting price that is slightly lower than the 50-inch variant and could go toe-to-toe with the LG C2 42-inch TV in terms of both pricing and performance.

Samsung’s mini-LED based LCD TVs have also been priced and, unfortunately, will continue to reside in the high-end of price spectrum.

See below for the full Samsung ‘Neo QLED’ US and EU prices:

Samsung Neo QLED EU/US prices

Series US UK DE
Samsung QN85B 55″$1,500 1,900
Samsung QN85B 65″$2,000 2,500
Samsung QN85B 75″$2,800 3,400
Samsung QN85B 85″$4,000 5,000
Samsung QN90B 43″ 1,500
Samsung QN90B 50″$1,800 1,800
Samsung QN90B 55″$2,500 2,100
Samsung QN90B 65″ 2,800
Samsung QN90B 75″$5,000 3,900
Samsung QN90B 85″ 5,600
Samsung QN95B 55″ 2,600
Samsung QN95B 65″ 3,500
Samsung QN95B 75″ 4,700
Samsung QN95B 85″ 6,400
Samsung QN700B 55″ 2,800
Samsung QN700B 65″ 3,700
Samsung QN700B 75″ 4,800
Samsung QN800B 65″$3,500 4,200
Samsung QN800B 75″ $4,700 5,700
Samsung QN800B 85″ $6,500 8,000
Samsung QN900B 65″ 5,700
Samsung QN900B 75″ 7,700
Samsung QN900B 85″ 11,000

As you can see from the pricing above, pricing for EU do fluctuate when you compare them against 2021 models. Some seem to be more expensive while others have actually seen a reduction in price – with no real correlation between the discrepancies.

Furthermore, we only have a few prices for the US market and no pre-launch prices for UK.

Samsung Neo QLED TV availability

As far as an official release date is concerned, it looks like the new Samsung QLED TVs will hit shelves around the same time as LG’s 2022 OLED TV lineup. We’re expecting to see pre-orders go live in the next few weeks with official availability starting from March/April time – depending on both model and size.

For those interested in Samsung’s hugely anticipated QD-OLED panels, we still don’t have any information regarding prices, availability, or complete specs at this early stage.

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