32 Inch Monitor Buyer’s Guide

Everything you need know about a 32 inch gaming monitor


Choosing a 32-inch monitor is becoming a more and more common choice, and as such, these models are starting to flood the market. Every brand wants to jump on the 32-inch hype, but are all these screens equally good? Usually not. To help you choose we have collated the best 32 inch gaming monitors

Whether you're looking for a high-end display or a more budget option, a 32-inch monitor is a huge upgrade over smaller models. You can see everything clearly, the higher resolution allows for a bigger viewpoint on the screen, and if you ever want to watch a movie, it'll be like watching it on TV. Moreover, a lot of 32-inch monitors can actually double as a television.

Whether it's an old CRT or a new Best Gaming Monitor,  the display you are using is a vital part of your current gaming setup. Without a good display, not even the best kind of computer will do its job properly. On the other hand, if you invest in a monitor that fits your needs perfectly, you'll definitely not regret it.

It's hard to navigate all the various models, but we've done all the legwork for you. We reviewed several monitors and picked out the ones we, and other users, have liked the most. Keep reading to pick out your future 32-inch monitor.

Why Buy A 32 Inch Monitor?

If you're here, you're probably on the lookout for a new monitor. It's good that you're shopping around and trying to find the best possible option. A computer screen is quite an investment, but if made wisely, it will benefit you for years.

32-inch monitors tend to be great for people that have a bit more desk space and want to be able to fit a lot of things onto their screen simultaneously. If you find yourself often working with a great number of different tasks, having a bigger monitor with a larger resolution will improve your efficiency.

However, 32-inch monitors aren't exclusively suited for all the busy bees of the world. They're fantastic for gamers too. Imagine your favorite game on your current monitor. It looks great, but could it look better, more immersive? It could! Imagine seeing that same game, in top quality, on a 32-inch monitor that could essentially be a TV screen. The effect is often breathtaking and makes a 32-inch screen worth the slightly elevated price tag.

These days, 32-inch screens come with as good a set of specs as their smaller counterparts, so don't worry about missing out on anything. As long as you have the means and space for one, a 32-inch monitor is sure to serve you well; it's the ultimate addition to a solid PC setup.

Are you ready to take your pick? Let's take a closer look at the various places where you can get a 32-inch monitor!

Where Can You Buy A 32 Inch Monitor?

Just a few years ago, finding a 32-inch monitor wasn't anywhere near as easy as it is now. Luckily, they've steadily gone up in popularity and are now readily available in many locations.

Your first choice is an electronics store. This can be a viable option, but there are some downsides for you to be mindful of. First of all, the monitor you've had your eyes on for a while may not even be in stock. Second, the prices are often higher than online, which makes sense for brick and mortar shops that need to pay thousands in rent every month. Lastly, you may be more prone to impulse buying.

We know the feeling of walking into a store and almost being blinded by the selection. Everything looks fantastic and makes you want to buy it, but a 32-inch monitor requires some prior research. Don't let yourself be fooled by marketing tricks and shiny electronics — make an informed choice.

If you're not looking to buy one in person, ordering online is often the best way to go. Many retail stores have their online counterparts. However, we do most of our shopping on Amazon. The prices are often cheaper, the delivery is quick, and there's a massive selection.

Now that you know where to turn for your new monitor, take a look at our recommendations!

Which 32 Inch Monitor Is Best For You?

32-inch monitors come in a lot of varieties that you will need to be mindful of. We cover some of them below. Different screens offer different resolutions, up to the super-desired 4k UHD. Some have higher refresh rates, going as high as 240Hz. There are also different types of screens: IPS, VA, and more.

We took all of that into consideration and picked out three of our favorites that cover a wide array of different specs. Check them out below!

Philips 32 Inch Curved Monitor

If you're looking to get the absolute best of the best, we firmly believe that you'd like this curved monitor by Philips. It's a thing of beauty that comes with a lot of thrilling features.

The first thing to catch your eye will undoubtedly be the curve of this monitor. Curved monitors are a matter of preference, but most people can't deny that the experience they offer is very immersive and engaging. It's almost as if you're watching the screen in 3D!

This is a 4k UHD monitor with a 1500r curvature that has a screen resolution of 3840x2160 pixels. Obviously, this is an amazing set of specs, but what does that mean for the user? It means that you'll be able to do a lot of things at once on just one screen. Let's talk about this a little more.

For one, due to the high aspect ratio, you will actually be able to see more of the game you're playing. For some games, such as FPS titles or MOBAs, this is an incredible way to gain more of an edge over the opponent. 

Movies will look amazing; after all, this is a 4K UHD screen that can rival a television. The VA panel, known as the perfect balance between the colorful IPS and fast TN, ensures that both gaming and movies will look good in equal measures. Speaking of colors: this one has over a billion of them to offer & a very high contrast ratio. This promises the richest color experience available.

Adaptive-Sync plus 75Hz guarantees smooth gameplay and high framerates. Philips has also perfected the flicker-free technologies and low blue mode in this monitor, which means that your eyes will not tire after a long session.

It features a VESA type of mount and has a wide range of inputs: two HDMI, one Display Port, and a set of built-in speakers for convenience for those that don't want to use the audio jack.

This is a high-end product. It will suit you if you have a beastly PC worthy of this monitor, but not only then. If you simply value your money and want to be sure it's spent well, on a product you won't need to upgrade for years, then this is our top recommendation for you.

Dell Ultrasharp 32 Inch UHD 4K Monitor

When going with a 32-inch monitor, you might as well go big — literally. Picking up a 4K monitor will change your gameplay and the general experience of using your PC. But what makes this Dell monitor such a good pick?

First of all, much like Philips above, Dell is a very reputable brand that millions of people have already trusted. They've been at this for quite a while; they know how to make a good product. This is exactly the case with this 32-inch monitor.

Sporting a UHD 4k 3840x2160 resolution with a 60Hz refresh rate and a 16:9 aspect ratio, this is a massive monitor that has a lot to offer. Don't forget that it has four times the resolution of Full HD, so if that's what you're upgrading from, you just might be blown away.

The color reproduction here is phenomenal thanks to the IPS panel installed on this monitor. IPS is known for having the brightest colors — similar to those in a smartphone. As such, this monitor isn't just great for movies or games, it's also fantastic for all kinds of creative workflows. If you're an artist or an animator, you're likely going to love it for the huge screen size and superb colors.

It has a tilt and a swivel as well as the option to adjust the height, which allows you to adapt it to your particular workspace. As for calibration, it's made really simple thanks to the in-house software provided by Dell.

If great colors are what you're after, you're in luck — this Dell has it all. We recommend it to everyone that values a greater color palette over higher refresh rates, as this one has a common rate of 60Hz.

ACER 31.5 Inch Full HD IPS Monitor

The second IPS on our list, this gorgeous white ACER monitor is both pleasant to look at and to use. Let's delve into the specs.

This one has a Full HD resolution of 1920x1080, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. The truth is that not every GPU can handle a UHD monitor. If you're not quite sure if yours will be up to the task, picking up a Full HD is a sensible compromise that will not lower your enjoyment in any way.

As this Acer model has an IPS panel installed, it means that everything you see on it will be as bright and as beautiful as it can possibly be. The color reproduction here is faithful and true to life. What's more, there's no color difference even when using it at an angle, which is a good thing in a monitor this massive.

With a 4 ms response time and a refresh rate of 60Hz, this monitor is relatively fast and will suit most gamers. It's true that for the latest FPS games you may want to go with a higher refresh rate, but that is difficult to find in a 32-inch, and it's often unnecessary. 

Acer's Flicker-less technology also limits screen flickering. This screen also limits blue light which can be very stressful on the eyes. As such, even if you spend hours at the computer, your eyes shouldn't get tired.

If you're into creative work or simply want a massive monitor that will not strain your graphics card, check out this option by Acer.

32 Inch Monitor: Things To Consider

Those were our three favorite 32-inch monitors. We tried to cover a wider selection of specs to give you a good idea of what's out there for you to choose from. However, if you're not a tech junkie, you may struggle to know what all the terms mean. What is truly important for you? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

Below we will cover some of the things every monitor owner has to keep in mind when shopping for a replacement.

The Purpose Of Your Monitor

Before anything else, this is what you need to be mindful of. Is this going to be a gaming monitor? Are you going to use it for photography, video editing, animation, or art? Or perhaps you're looking into something for general use?

The reason we ask you this is that the specs of your monitor largely depend on the purpose of it. As an example, for all kinds of creative work, we highly recommend a bright IPS panel that has the best color reproduction of all. However, for gamers and general users, a TN or a VA panel will be suitable.

Other factors play into the decision here, such as refresh rates and Full HD vs Ultra HD. We cover them in more detail below.


Your monitor resolution tells you how many pixels it has in length x width. 1920 x 1080 is the standard resolution (also known as 1080p or Full HD). For sharper images and more pixels look into a 2k or 4k monitor, which are respectively known as QHD and UHD.

Refresh Rate

Your screen refresh rate equals the number of times your monitor updates per second. The higher the number, the less screen stuttering you may expect. This is especially important for gamers, and even more so if you play first-person shooters or other competitive games. In those titles, even a second or two can make a massive difference.

In general, 32-inch monitors come with 60Hz or 75Hz. You may be able to find really expensive high-end models that provide more than that.

Panel technology

Panel Type Comparison Monitors

As mentioned briefly above, panels make a huge difference in your monitor. TN monitors are usually quicker than VA and IPS. They're also the cheapest. The downside? Their colors aren't all that great; you may feel like your screen is hidden behind a slight mist if you pick the wrong type of TN.

IPS panels aren't quite as fast, but they're fast enough, and they show colors beautifully. VA makes for a good middle-ground between the two, with decent response times and good color contrast.

Our Verdict

Many experts say that 32-inch monitors are the future. Some of us remember the days when a 19-inch screen was big, but over the years, we've gone bigger and bigger. This is a trend that will likely continue, although it may cap close to 32-inch due to things such as desk sizes. If you have a good PC that you want to make the most of, we firmly believe that you cannot go wrong with a solid 32-inch monitor.