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Top 7 most iconic places in Fortnite

These iconic places in Fortnite will forever be remembered by players.

Updated: Jul 17, 2023 1:34 pm
Top 7 most iconic places in Fortnite

Epic Games has released many iconic places in Fortnite. The video game came out in September 2017, and ever since then, the game developer has released numerous changes to it. These changes have also affected the in-game map.

We are now in Chapter 4 and have the fourth unique Fortnite Battle Royale island. Despite Chapter 1 ending in late 2019, some of its places will never be forgotten. The original map may be gone, but its memories will never fade.

Let’s count down the seven most iconic places in Fortnite Battle Royale history.

These iconic places in Fortnite will never be forgotten

7) Haunted Hills

fortnite haunted hills
Image by WePC via Epic Games

Haunted Hills was one of the spookiest places in Fortnite Battle Royale. The iconic location had many graves but also a lot of loot. Despite being far from the center of the island, many players loved landing there.

The location received numerous changes throughout the first chapter of the video game. At one point, Epic Games added a giant castle on the hill near Haunted Hills, making the location look even better.

6) Slurpy Swamp

fortnite slurpy swamp
Image by WePC via Epic Games

Slurpy Swamp was first added to Fortnite with the release of Chapter 2. The named location had a lot of loot, but also a unique feature that allowed players to gain quick heals. By stepping into the Slurp water, players were able to replenish their health and shied.

The iconic Fortnite location quickly became a fan-favorite landing spot and was popular throughout the entire chapter.

5) Rocky Reels

fortnite rocky reels
Image by WePC via Epic Games

Rocky Reels was a new variant of Risky Reels, a popular location from Chapter 1. While Risky Reels was great and is iconic for its chests challenge, Rocky Reels might be even more popular.

The location was available in Fortnite throughout Chapter 3. It was located close to the center of the map, which is why it was one of the hottest landing zones.

4) Mega City

fortnite mega city
Image by WePC via Epic Games

Mega City is one of the most iconic places in Fortnite due to its city. The urban location looks amazing and has a lot of loot. It was added to the popular video game in Chapter 4 – Season 2 and has been very popular since then.

While Mega City doesn’t have too many structures that can be completely destroyed, it’s still incredible. The location is the closest thing to Tilted Towers Fortnite players have ever had.

3) Salty Springs

fortnite salty springs
Image by WePC via Epic Games

Salty Springs is another iconic Fortnite location that was in the game for a couple of chapters. Epic Games added this place with the first-ever Fortnite Battle Royale map, but it also returned with the release of Chapter 2.

What made the location popular is its position on the map and the amazing loot that it contained. Epic even released a unique version of the location named Salty Towers in Chapter 2 – Season 6.

2) Rave Cave

fortnite rave cave
Image by WePC via Epic Games

The Chapter 3 island was available for only a year in Fortnite Battle Royale, but some of its locations will never be forgotten. Rave Cave was added late in the chapter, but despite this, it still managed to become very popular.

Not only did the location have a lot of loot, but it also had several layers. Players were able to visit the underground cave, be on the ground, or get to the top of the Cuddle Team Leader.

1) Tilted Towers

fortnite tilted towers
Image by WePC via Epic Games

Tilted Towers is the most iconic place in Fortnite, and no other location comes even close. The popular location was first added in Chapter 1 – Season 2, but it also returned for a few seasons in Chapter 3.

This iconic location was the most popular landing spot in Fortnite of all time. Casual players were terrified of it, while competitive players loved putting their skills to the test by landing there. Tilted Towers was so popular that it wasn’t surprising when 30 or more players land there in a single game.

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