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Horizon Forbidden West Cosplay guide and best efforts

Every great game with a strong lead character that comes out is ripe for top-quality cosplay. Horizon Forbidden West is no exception

Updated: Feb 19, 2022 11:42 am
Horizon Forbidden West Cosplay guide and best efforts

Any game with a strong character as the lead is going to be a prime opportunity for cosplayers to get in the act. Horizon Forbidden West is no exception, and with its lead character, Aloy, being so appealing as a strong, female protagonist is a perfect example and it is great to see people already jumping on board and digging up their inner Hunter.

Horizon Forbidden West Cosplay

Developer Gorilla Games even has official Cosplay Guides for those looking to recreate the character and has a section on its website complete with guides on how to get the best Aloy look.

Guerilla says: “At Guerrilla we take great pride in our character designs, and we love it when they inspire you to create your own art. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you’re planning to cosplay as, or create any other form of art of Aloy or one of the other characters from Horizon Forbidden West.”

Fantastic effort from the devs there to embrace a community that is known for putting so much effort into its artform.

aloy cosplay
aloy cosplay pants

Best Horizon Forbidden West Cosplay

We have trawled the internet to collate some of the best Aloy cosplay seen to date, and if you have done anything as good yourself, please get in contact as we would love to feature your work.

aloy cosplay photo
aloy cosplay2
aloy cosplay3
Anastasya Zelenova

Horizon Forbidden West cosplay video guide

aloy cosplay4

Cosplay Youtuber Miss Taurus has even put together a video showing how she created her Aloy cosplay which is well worth a watch if you are about to attempt anything yourself.

It’s always great to see a game make such a connection with the real world that it inspires superb cosplay. Of course, to begin with, it needs great character design from the developers but then watching how players make it their own and take the character to the next level never ceases to amaze.

If you have a favorite cosplayer you would like us to cover, be sure to leave a comment below.

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