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How to find the Shovel in Sons of the Forest

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Updated: Mar 7, 2023 5:01 pm
how to find the shovel in sons of the forest

Since the Sons of the Forest have decided to allow the Steam serves to live, many of its players have been asking where to find the shovel item. Well, we’re here to tell you today. Here’s where to find the shovel in Sons of the Forest.

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Like many survival horror games, the Sons of the Forest includes the shovel. The shovel is one of the most versatile tools in the game, and one that can also be used as a weapon to dome any would-be cannibals from chomping on you. Unfortunately, the shovel is quite the item to obtain.

Where to find the Shovel Item in Sons of the Forest

Unfortunately, hardware stores don’t exist in the middle of nowhere, so we’re tasked with finding a Shovel in Sons of the Forest. The Shovel is not the easiest item to obtain as it’s guarded by a half-submerged incredibly deep cave.

First of all, where is the cave in question?

Where to find the shovel in sons of the forest

The cave is located towards the center of the map, you can tell it’s the Shovel cave because it’s decorated with three corpses impaled on wooden spikes. The cave is also half submerged in water. If it’s cold enough, the cave entrance will be frozen over.

How to find the Shovel Item in Sons of the Forest

We will now list step-by-step how to obtain the Shovel item in Sons of the Forest.

  • Enter the cave and continue until you find the pool of water. Don’t worry about getting lost underwater, the cave is fairly linear.
  • Continue out of the first underwater dive, here you will find the Wetsuit, along with extra Air.
  • You’ll slide down a large hill shortly after this, don’t panic you won’t take any damage.
  • You’ll pass two bodies with yellow vests as you advance through the cave. Continue forwards.
  • You’ll then find a body in a larger open area that’s holding the Weapon flashlight attachment, very useful.
  • Advance through the next body of water, this dive is much shorter. You’ll then advance towards another more open area, with a view of a *SPOILER* just behind the corpse wielding the Shovel.

There you have it. That’s how you obtain the Shovel in Sons of the Forest. Not the easiest thing in the world to get, but it brings with it a multitude of uses, that makes the hassle well worth it.

sons of the forest shovel item

What do I need to find the Shovel in Sons of the Forest?

There are a couple of items you’re going to need in order to make it to the Shovel without dying.

  • First, you’re going to need plenty of sources of light, be that a lighter, torch, or flashlight. It’s pitch-black deep in the cave the Shovel is located.
  • Second, you’re going to need the Rebreather. There’s no alternative to this, the cave is far too submerged to survive without some underwater breathing apparatus.
  • Finally, you’ll need a Rope Gun, which is used for traversing a zipline soon after entering the cave.

Uses for the Shovel in Sons of the Forest

The Shovel is a really useful item to collect in Sons of the Forest. That’s probably why there are a few prior requirements and some potentially dangerous cave exploring involved in claiming it. With that being said, once it’s yours, what can you use it for?

  • The shovel can be used as both a weapon and a tool.
  • Digging up soil in certain areas of the map, such as graves. This is exactly how you can find a shotgun.
  • Used for accessing Maintenance Bunker A, which is home to a 3D printer.
  • You can also dig around with the chance of unearthing stones or coins.
  • There are two achievements associated with using the Shovel.

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