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Lost Ark Dalian Orchard location in Rambutan Orchard quest

Here is what you need to know on the Lost Ark Rambutan Orchard secret location.

Updated: Feb 10, 2022 12:12 pm
lost ark rambutan orchard secret

Throughout the Lost Ark leveling experience, players will be tasked with treasure maps and other secrets as they make their way to 60. Throughout the world, there will be hidden portals that take you to secret bosses for fat loot upgrades. These typically come in the form of treasure maps. Meanwhile, some locations are secret areas on the map that bring you outside of the mini-map.

One of these secret areas is part of the Lost Ark Dalian secret quest. You can acquire a treasure map in your backpack that gives you a quest, it then later takes you to an NPC that wants you to find a bench somewhere in the Flowing Orchard. Well, it turns out that this secret technically is on your minimap. You need to find a location that takes you off map.

Lost Ark Dalian Orchard location
Turn right from the Sien Inn follow the path down and head to the northern tip where our player is located.

The exact location of the Lost Ark Rambutan Orchard quest secret is on here on the minima. Head to this location and you will find a house at the end of what you believe to be the edge of the map. However, you can walk through the door, and enter the house outside of the ‘legal’ map.

Inside the house, you will find the workbench you need to use. Simply walk up to it and use if, and wallah, you have completed the quest. We highly recommend checking out points of interest like that in the world, despite thinking they may be hidden locations. We found one of the optional dungeons on the world map to have a secret room behind a waterfall with two Mokoko seeds.

Who knows what secrets are hidden throughout the Lost Ark game world?

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