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Lost Ark Grand Prix guide: Race, rewards & more

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Updated: Mar 11, 2022 4:52 pm
Lost Ark Grand Prix guide: Race, rewards & more

The Lost Ark Grand Prix event is live thanks to the recent Lost Ark March update. It is a new type of casual content that is available from March – April 2022. It is a fun side activity that is worth doing, especially for players who have downtime and want to see the lighthearted content that is on offer.

In this article, we will guide you through the Lost Ark Grand Prix event. We will tell you everything you need to know about the Grand Prix, including how to start, take part, and more importantly the rewards you can get from the event.

Lost Ark Grand Prix event guide

Lost Ark Grand Prix event location
You can find the Lost Ark Grand Prix event marked in red and in almost every major city.

You can only participate in the Lost Ark Grand Prix event once a day on your roster. Moreso, you can get a daily quest to enter the Lost Ark Grand Prix from an Arkesia Grand Prix Manager, located in every major city except Prideholm. You can find the Daily quest marked with the pink quest on your map and will need to be level 50 to accept the quest. See the above image for a reference on where you can get your hands on the Grand Prix content.

However, it is worth noting the Lost Ark Grand Prix event is only available every two hours. You can expect to play the event on your servers’ time every even hour. You can therefore play at the following server times:

  • 00:00
  • 02:00
  • 04:00
  • 06:00
  • 08:00
  • 10:00
  • 12:00
  • 14:00
  • 16:00
  • 18:00
  • 20:00
  • 22:00

Completing the Lost Ark Grand Prix rewards players with a new currency called the Arkesia Event Coin. Lost Ark’s Arkesia Event Coin is a new currency used for this event exclusively. You can head over to any Arkesia Grand Prix Manager and exchange the currency for some rewards. The rewards are a mixture of engravings, reagents for the gear progression, and other vanity and progression items.

It is worth mentioning the Grand Prix is also offering players other useful secrets. You can actually get a secret goblin level in Chaos Dungeons, which appears to be a random chance. Killing the goblin in your Chaos Dungeons awards the player with some bonus gold. Moreso, completing the Chaos Dungeons awards the player with come Arkesia Event Coins. We got 300 a run, but that may be related to the Tier 1 Chaos Dungeon we were running on an alt and the rest bonus. Some more experimentation is needed here so if you notice this let us know in the comments below.

The Race

Lost Ark Grand Prix Race
The heat is on

As for the Race itself, it is a 7v7 PvP mode where you essentially race around a track. However, the purpose of the game is to race around as a little dragon thing – the Naruni, and collect cakes on the track. The first to collect a certain amount of this resource will win the race. However, you must try to prevent the other team from collecting the cakes you need. Both teams are awarded for their participation in the event. The event is available through to the April update and you can take part it in one a day on your roster.

When you get into the Lost Ark Grand Prix, your dragon character will have several skills. You’re going to need these skills to make sure the enemy racers don’t get to eat the cake before you do. You can get a sneak peek by looking at the race guide console in the lobby before the actual trade starts. The skills are as follows:

  • Headbutt – Your Naruni charges forward and headbuts a combatent, knocking them down.
  • Super Naruni – Your Naruni shoots and stuns a target hit.
  • Plop Bomb – The Naruni has a ‘number 2’ on the track that is actually a bomb. Enemies that run into it when the number 2 blows up get knocked down.
  • Tough – Use one of the stacks to become temporarily invincible, mitaging any attacks enemy Naruni’s try to make against you.

Also, try to avoid attacking your team. You can work out who is on your team by looking at your color and matching it to others on the race. You’re either pink or green.

Throughout the race, there will be a variety of traps designed to mess with you. Expect jokers that want to slow you, big demons that want to eat you, and lightning strikes that will electrocute you partway through the race. Getting hit by the electrocuting strikes especially will ruin your race.

Lost Ark Arkesia Event Coin rewards

Lost Ark Grand Prix Vendor
You can trade your new currency from a Grand Prix manager

Taking part in the Lost Ark Grand Prix event is certainly worth it for your progression. There are plenty of worthwhile rewards on your roster, as well as a helpful boost to the tier of content your class is currently on. Be aware that some of the rewards from the Grand Prix event are locked behind item level, which is typically the engravings and the honing items. Other than that, it is a great event that allows extra investment in your character and roster using a new currency that you can get plenty of fast and easy.

CategoryItemDescriptionArkesia Event Coin costWeekly Roster Limit
CosmeticNaruni HatGrants your gender and class an appropriate Naruni Hat – some weird dragon looking thing. Only allowed one per roster500One roster limit
EngravingRare Class Engraving Recipe (requires 802 item level to purchase)Contains one random rare class engraving book.40Eight weekly roster limits
EngravingRare Combat Engraving (requires 802 item level to purchase)Contains a random battle engraving book.60Eight weekly roster limits
EngravingEpic Combat Engraving (requires 1302 item level to purchase)Contains a random purple quality combat engraving.100Four weekly roster limits
EngravingEpic Class Engraving (requires 1302 item level to purchase)Rewards the player with a random purple quality class engraving.80Four weekly roster limits
Honing3x Harmony Shard PouchContains 1000 Harmony Shards for Tier 1 players.50Five weekly roster limits
Honing3x Life Shard PouchRewards 1000 Life Shards for Tier 2 players.50Five weekly roster limits
Honing2x Honor Shard PuchRewards 1000 Honor Shards for T3 players.50Three weekly roster limits
Honing5x Harmony Leapstone (Bound)Rewards a player with one Harmony Leapstone.20Ten Weekly roster limit
Honing5x Life Leapstone (Bound)Rewards the player with a Life Leapstone, which is used as part of your T2 gear honing.30Ten
Honing4x Honor Leapstone (Bound)Provides the player with an Honor Leapstone, a reagent you need for honing your T3 gear.50Five
Honing10x Star’s Breath (Bound)T1 item that increases the potential successful honing outcome.30One
Honing10x Moon’s Breath (Bound)Tier 2 item that allows a player’s to increase the success chance of honing their gear.40One
Honing30x Solar Grace (Bound)Uncommon quality time that increases the honing success chance of T3 items.50One
Honing10 x Solar Blessing (Bound)A rare quality item that increases the success chance of honing T3 gear.70One
Honing5x Solar Protection (Bound)An Epic quality item that increases the success chance of honing your T3 pieces of gear.100One
Honing50x Destruction Stone FragmentTier 1 honing resource that you spend on Tier one weapons.20Ten
Honing50x Destruction Stone (Bound)T2 red honing item you spend on improving your T2 weaponry.40Five
Honing150x Guardian Stone Fragment (Bound)Honing item that allows you to upgrade your T1 pieces of armor.20Ten
Honing150x Guardian Stone (Bound)Blue honing time that allows you to upgrade your T2 pieces of armor.40Ten
Honing90x Guardian Stone Crystal (Bound)Tier 3 blue honing item that allows players to increase the item level of their T3 pieces of gear.100Five
ExchangeUna’s Tasks (Daily)Allows you to buy an instant complete dailies pass.10Five
ExchangeUna’s Daily quest increaseIncreases the amount of dailies you can complete for that day.30Three
ExchangeSailing Coin ChestAllows you to select a sailing coin of your choice – grants 500 of your choice. 10Twelve
ExchangeBloodclaw’s Glittering CoinUse to obtain 500 pirate coins.10Twenty
ExchangeMagick Society’s Special Dye ChestGain magick society reagents – Shine, Pattern and Dye.50One
ExchangePhoenA currency that players can use to bid or trade auctions.20Ten
ExchangeCreation FragmentGrants Card XP you can use for enhancing cards you are using.30Four
ExchangeAny Card packGrants a random quality card pack.50Ten
ExchangeLegendary Card PackContains a random legendary quality card.250One

This concludes this Lost Ark Grand Prix guide. If you enjoyed this guide, why not check out the WePC Lost Ark section, brimming with guides and news on the game.

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