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Madden 24 How to juke

Updated: Aug 15, 2023 2:08 pm
Madden 24 How to juke

Do you want to perform the juke move in Madden NFL 24? A juke is a move that allows you to quickly evade the defense before your offense player can get tackled. Typically, jukes are performed by a wide receiver as they run toward the endzone.

Keep the ball carrier from losing momentum. Sprint to the end zone and overcome every hurdle along the way. EA Sports has altered Madden 24 and included new FIELDSENSE Technology that translates to better movement on the field. Plenty of new features allow for better player action while performing actions like passes and catches.

Get ready to tackle the defender. Get the ball back and switch players so that you are always in control. When you finally reach the endzone, spike the ball for a touchdown and celebrate. Of course, you need to avoid getting hit so you don’t fumble the ball. This guide will show you how to juke in Madden 24.

How to juke in Madden 24

If you want to perform a juke in Madden 24, you will need to input the following commands depending on what platform you are playing on:

  • PlayStation 5 Flick the right stick to the right for a right juke, left for a left juke, and down for a dead leg juke
  • Xbox Series X/S – Flight the right stick to the right for a right juke, left for a left juke, and down for a dead leg juke
  • PC – Press the A key for a left juke, the D key for a right juke, and the S key for a dead leg juke

Furthermore, there are buttons you can use instead. B on Xbox is a spin move. Y is a hurdle. X is a dive, though that’s only useful to jump towards the end zone. For the most part, the joysticks offer a much better juking experience.

Keep in mind that the players you want to perform a juke are the smaller and lighter players. These players are more agile and will have an easier time avoiding the offense. The heavier a player is, the less effective the juke will be, leading to them getting tackled.

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