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Starfield Religion Guide – All Three Religions

Updated: Aug 30, 2023 2:16 pm
Starfield Religion Guide – All Three Religions

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Want to learn more about all three religions in Starfield? There will be plenty to explore as you launch into space, finding companions, allegiances, crafting, and, of course, space pirates.

Starfield is the latest RPG title for Bethesda Games Studios, in which you can join various Constellations, such as the Crimson Fleet or Freestar Collective. Find out more about what the start time is for Starfield. But first, in this guide, we will detail more about the three religions in Starfield with this guide.

What are all the religions in Starfield?

There are three religions you can find in Starfield. These religions or belief systems can change how various NPCs interact with you, similar to how traits and factions work. These religions have been confirmed during a Developer Q&A on the Starfield Discord server, during which Will Shen and Emil Pagliarulo answered fan questions.

All religions you can choose in Starfield are:

  • The Enlightened
  • Sanctum Universum
  • House Va’ruun

What is The Enlightened in Starfield?

Of course, you can find many types of religions, and one of them is no religion at all. The Enlightened, contrary to the Sanctum Universal, is an atheist group within the United Colonies.

This group focuses on community and humanitarian work and believes every person is responsible for their own life. Due to this, they do not believe in any higher power within the Milky Way and instead focus on teaching others to take care of themselves.

What is the Sanctum Universum in Starfield?

The Sanctum Universum is one of the more prominent religious groups. As a result, its members will call themselves the “Universals.” This is only for the religions that believe God does exist somewhere in the universe.

They also believe their ability for space exploration throughout the settled system is God’s way of saying, “I’m out here. Come find me,” as mentioned by Emil Pagliarulo.

What is House Va’ruun in Starfield?

There will always be one religious group encased in mystery, and House Va’ruun is that religion. Through the Developer Q&A, we learn House Va’ruun is more of a fanatical religious zealots group.

Though not much is known about this group, the story told by Developers in the Q&A is as follows. Some gossip has spread among the guards that when a colony ship sets off for the new world, one of the crew claims to have met a celestial entity called the “Great Serpent.”

From what the Developers have told community members, you may face some enemy ships holding these fanatical members in space combat.

When can you choose a religion in Starfield?

You can pick a religion during the character creation when you first begin playing Starfield. When you do choose a religion, you will also gain a perk or trait specific to this religion.

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