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Starfield PC Preload: Release Time, Date & UK, US Countdown Timer

Updated: Aug 24, 2023 2:12 pm
Starfield PC Preload: Release Time, Date & UK, US Countdown Timer

Starfield is a long-awaited game by Bethesda and fans everywhere are waiting for the Starfield preload time for Xbox and PC so they can prepare for the next adventure. September the game will be released for everyone to buy or find on Game Pass, but preloading is how you get ready for the true release.

Make sure you’re ready for the game, that you have the right console, you’ve got a good deal on it, and that you’ve tried to get it for free through the many giveaways. We have the details on when you can start preloading before, as confirmed by Bethesda Game Studios.

When does preloading start for Starfield on PC?

You can already begin preloading Starfield if you’re on Xbox, however, you have to wait until August 30 to download on PC. PC users should definitely preload as soon as possible because Steam’s servers will be full of people trying to get in before release.

  • Steam: Preloading stars August 30, 2023

There was no mention of any differences between those with Xbox game pass but if you have a game pass subscription, you should be able to preload and play the full release on the Starfield release date. This gives players plenty of time to choose the preload option and meet Starfield’s minimum size requirement. Sometimes an Amazon Listing will give a bit too much information on an RPG, so that could help.

If you are trying to buy a hard copy, there’s no way to preload but most of the game is on the disc, so gamers who pre-ordered a hard copy should check their retailer listing to find out how much needs to be downloaded online.

Starfield Preload start time for Xbox

If you own an Xbox, you can already start preloading Starfield.

The tweet given by Bethesda Game Studios did not specify a time, just a date when the game would be available for preload. When the time zones are revealed, we will update this article with the information.

This also doesn’t account for any early access or editions that may start sooner, it seems like those with an Xbox Series X will be able to download their game, standard edition or premium edition before launch on Wednesday, August 17.

How big is the preload size of Starfield?

The full preload size for Starfield per the Steam specs is 125GB for both Xbox Series X|S and Windows PC for Steam instead of the Microsoft Store App. This isn’t including a day-one patch that may come as well.

The Starfield File Size may be bigger because the preload really just gets the console ready and just downloads a lot of the game, but not the whole thing. There is also the fact that the release of Starfield will be in different editions, like the Constellation edition. So the Starfield download size as a whole will increase due to all that comes with the editions.

There is also always the case that the latest updates for day one may be even bigger than the preload size, so we won’t really know how big the game is until the installation finishes.

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