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Best Brr-Zerker starting build – Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Guide

Here we will go over Brr-Zerker starting build in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Updated: May 6, 2022 1:47 pm
Best Brr-Zerker starting build – Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Guide

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is out right now and if you are just starting with the class of your choosing here are some tips on which skills are the best for early game. In this article we will go over Brr-Zerker starting build in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

Note! For early game I will assume the first 15 levels of your gameplay time. I will cover end-game builds in the future after a lot more information is known about the game like legendary gear and more. This article will be focused on the first 15 levels of your character.

Brr-Zerker Starting Build Explanation

At the beginning you might want to focus on Dreadwind. This action skill makes you spin around and deal damage around your character. Due to not being able to use your second action skill until level 7, and class feat being locked until a certain moment at the beginning of the story you might want to focus on Dreadwind.

At the beginning of your adventure there are also a lot of skeletons and enemies with white health bar which makes them vulnerable to frost damage.

Make sure you are using frost weapons to maximize that potential; they are fairly common for early game. I would recommend using DAHLIA SMGs with Frost Damage, any of those is great for early game.

Brr-Zerker Starting Build

Skill Tree

BrrZerker Starting Build Wonderlands
Image via Lootlemon

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Brr-Zerker Class Feat – Rage of the Ancients

Using an Action Skill causes the Fatemaker to become Enraged, adding bonus Frost Damage to their attacks. Enrage Duration will not deplete while an Action Skill is active and ends if the Fatemaker enters Save Your Soul. Activating an Action Skill when already Enraged restores a portion of the Enrage timer.

Brr-Zerker Action Skill – Dreadwind

The Fatemaker spins, slashing anything nearby with their melee weapon and essentially becoming a pain tornado. Grants increased Movement Speed and Slow Immunity for a duration.

Brr-Zerker Starting Skills

Ancestral Frost – 5 points

Frost Damage is increased.

Every other Tier 1 Skill is focused on Enraged bonuses which are not needed for this starting build. Added Frost Damage will also help with skeletons and other enemies that are weak to this type of element.

Ice Breaker – 3 points

The Fatemaker gains increased Damage Dealt to enemies that are Slowed. The closer an enemy is to being Frozen, the more Damage is increased.

It synergizes pretty well with the previous skill.

The Old Ways – 5 points

The Fatemaker deals Bonus Damage and gains increased Damage Reduction the closer they are to the enemy. The closer the enemy is, the greater the bonus.

Great tool for increasing your overall damage as well as giving you some survivability early on.

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