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Diablo 4 queues have long wait times despite claims of boycott

Updated: Jul 20, 2023 6:50 pm
Diablo 4 queues have long wait times despite claims of boycott

With the Season of the Malignant kicking off for Diablo IV, the first season of the game, it’s expected that the queues will be full. However, many players are facing extended queue times and have been unable to load into the game since the launch of Season One.

The controversial update and patch notes that went live on July 18, including brutal nerfs to all classes were not received well at all, and many fans took to the internet to express their anger and claim that they would be boycotting the new season that the patch brought.

However, it seems a majority of the player base never intended to boycott the new content, as the queue has been overloaded since the season went live. We’ll go into detail about the long wait times players are facing as they attempt to play the game.

Long queue times for Diablo 4 Season 1 players

Plenty of players have been reporting that they have been waiting to get into the game since the launch of the new season, with queue times stretching over 40 minutes long. Reddit user u/scoxely posted to the Diablo IV subreddit that they are well acquainted with the queue screen and that it’s not surprising to see it again.

Tons of other Diablo fans are facing the same issue, including u/Fridgemold who posted that they are stuck because “everyone stopped playing right?”, referring to many players insistent that they would not be playing the new season after the patch update was released.

There are plenty of comments and posts agreeing that the queue times are getting too long, and while they are upset about the patch update as well, they never expected an actual boycott to take place.

It seems even Blizzard didn’t expect this many people to try and log in at once.

The 1.1.0 patch update brought a lot of unwelcome changes to Diablo IV, both in the Eternal Realm and Seasonal Realm. Nerfs were done for all classes, and many said that the changes to the endgame made it borderline unplayable. While the new season will be the best place to test out these new changes and fixes, it remains to be seen if fans will change their mind about the update.

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