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Fortnite patch notes: Summer event, Sunswoon Lagoon, gameplay changes, and more

Epic Games released another big update for its most popular game, and we've covered all the changes with our Fortnite patch notes.

Updated: Jul 4, 2023 2:58 pm
Fortnite patch notes: Summer event, Sunswoon Lagoon, gameplay changes, and more

Epic Games has stopped releasing Fortnite patch notes since Chapter 2 came out. Fortunately, there are many other ways to find out what’s changed in the popular video game, and one of these ways includes data mining.

Thanks to data miners and the community, we’ve made a list of all the major changes that have been released with the latest Fortnite update. The highlight of the update is the Summer Escape event, but Epic has also made some other changes.

Here are patch notes for Fortnite’s July 4 update.

Fortnite patch notes reveal several gameplay and map changes

The Fortnite Summer Escape is finally out and has brought 10 free rewards. These rewards look fantastic and can be easily unlocked by completing summer event quests.

However, it’s important to note that Epic Games hasn’t released all Summer Escape quests yet. Some of them were released on the first day of the event, while some will be released throughout the event. These quests grant many free cosmetic items and almost 1 million XP.

The latest Fortnite update has also brought a map change. Sunswoon Lagoon can now be found in the jungle biome, which is a perfect landmark for a summer event. The new location is very important since players need to visit it for four different quests.

fortnite free summer escape rewards
Image by WePC via Epic Games

When it comes to gameplay changes, Epic Games has added Icy Slide and Thermal Mud Reality Augments. Icy Slide allows players to gain icy feet while sliding, while the second perk grants players thermal vision while they are covered in mud.

The Tracker’s Armory perk, which grants the Flare Gun and the Shadow Tracker, was vaulted. In addition to this, the Flare Gun was removed and replaced by the Firework Flare Gun, which is simply a re-skin of the same item.

Finally, Ice Cream consumables can now be found on the Fortnite island. These items restore health and grant a special effect, such as icy feet or unlimited stamina for a brief period of time.

Epic is currently on a company-wide summer break, meaning that we won’t get another major update over the next two weeks. However, new content is scheduled to come out during this period, including more summer-themed skins.

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