Intel Core i9-10900k Leak Shows A 30% Jump in Performance From Its Predecessor

Another benchmarking leak has been spotted for the upcoming Intel Core i9-10900k processor which gives us some more news of what to expect upon release. Thankfully, it’s good news for Intel fans, the numbers from the leak may help to squash some fears that these processors will be outclassed by the Ryzen lineup. 

What Do The Leaks Show Us?

The leaked benchmark was spotted by Twitter user Tum_Apisak who gave links to a Geekbench 5 benchmark of the Intel Core i9-10900K on an ASRock Z490M Pro4 motherboard.

If the benchmarks hold out to be true, the Core i9-10900K recorded a multi-core result of 11,390 and a single-core result of 1,437. These are pretty impressive numbers, especially when you compare them to the previous flagship CPU from Intel. 

In comparison, the Core i9-9900K scores 8,788 for the multi-core result and a single-core score of 1,430. While this isn’t a true direct comparison as we don’t know the rest of the specifications from the two machines, it does give us a greater idea of the level of performance gained between the two processors. 

What Does This Mean For Consumers?

While it goes without saying that we expected a large performance jump between these generations, it’s nice to finally see this on paper. Initially, there were some fears that this Comet Lake CPU wouldn’t offer a major performance boost compared to its predecessor which makes this 30% increase great news. 

This could be partly due to the fact that earlier spotted benchmarks may have come from engineering samples that weren’t a final representation of the finished product. The closer we come to the retail release of these processors, the more accurate these benchmarks will be. 

A jump in performance shows that Intel is really managing to get the most out of the 14nm process with further refinements. With the i9-10900k having 10 cores compared to the i9-9900k’s 8 cores, it shows that Intel’s continuation with the 14nm process hasn’t quite run its course just yet. 

Final Word

Now, the question on everyone’s mind when these new chips release will likely be “how do they stack up against their Ryzen counterparts?”. While we will have to wait for an official release before we can get our hands on some accurate benchmarks and comparisons, it looks like Intel might manage to stay in the fight with AMD for a little while longer. 

This is great news for customers and will give us all a little bit more flexibility in what we choose to run in our systems. We’re hoping that if Intel doesn’t quite match up to the Ryzen series that we may start to see some price reductions in their lineup. We’ll have to keep you updated on that one though!