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LG’s C4 OLED TV gets brighter, but the G4 is still on top for a reason

LG's new G4 proves why it is the premium pick

Updated: Feb 29, 2024 2:04 pm
LG’s C4 OLED TV gets brighter, but the G4 is still on top for a reason

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LG’s latest line-up of OLED TVs is coming with both C4 pre orders and G4 pre orders going live. But which one should you pick? There’s a few factors to consider, but we’re here to discuss one of the biggest differences – the brightness, specifically the MLA tech in the latest G-series model.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone familiar with the established naming convention that the LG G4 OLED is a better performer than the C4. It is the more premium model, which is of course reflected in the price. But that additional cost can be well worth it if more luminance is what you’re after.

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LG C4 OLED Series

LG C4 OLED Series

Now up to 144Hz refresh rate at 4K

Highly responsive

Improved Alpha 9 AI chip

Native Chromecast support

Wide range of sizes


Still no MLA like the G-series

Not a massive upgrade over the LG C3

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LG G4 OLED Series

LG G4 OLED Series

Bright second-gen MLA OLED panel

Up to 144Hz, ideal for gaming PCs

Rapid responsiveness

Upgraded Alpha 11 AI Chip

MLA now available in 83″ model too



Still no MLA in 97″ model

C4 OLED still doesn’t have MLA

The latest LG G4 OLED is now fitted with MLA (Micro Lens Array) technology for all models apart from the 97-inch screen, which is undoubtedly out of most people’s scope at just under $25,000. For reference, last year’s 83″ lacked this tech which helps boost brightness by a considerable amount.

MLA is a hardware-based improvement in which a layer of microscopic lenses are placed on top of the OLED panel to concentrate and direct more light the viewer’s way. While a high peak brightness isn’t necessary for a dimly-lit room it is ideal for use in a well-lit environments and helps improve HDR performance with highly accurate colors.

One of the disappointments for the new LG C4 is that it still doesn’t benefit from this tech, but we suppose that LG have to draw the line somewhere. It still of course features the OLED evo panel and Brightness Booster feature, while the G4 offers Brightness Booster Max.

How much brighter is the LG G4?

When comparing the LG C4 vs G4, brightness is one of the key factors that separates the two as we’ve discussed. According to the official LG store page, the G4 is 150% brighter than the budget-friendly B4 model, as per their internal tests. The B-series uses a conventional OLED panel (non-evo).

In terms of comparing that to the LG C4, it has been suggested that the C4 will reach up to 1,000 nits, while the G4 is capable of 3,000 nits at peak brightness levels. Do note that this high peak does differ from the ‘normal brightness’ when measured across the entire panel.

TechRadar do claim that the C4 is noticeably brighter than the C3, with the G4 of course a step above for HDR content. But we’ll have to wait and see how panel testing turns out upon launch as LG haven’t provided exact figures.

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