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Lian Li introduces the GALAHAD II LCD AIO cooler at Computex

A fancy new LCD screen with your AIO cooler

Updated: May 31, 2023 11:02 am
Lian Li introduces the GALAHAD II LCD AIO cooler at Computex

Those of you looking for a beautiful LCD screen on your new AIO cooler should be checking out the GALAHAD II LCD AIO cooler from Lian Li. This year’s Computex in Taipei has been a successful showing so far for Lian Li. They’ve been showing off their range of PC cases, coolers & fans, and desks to great reception, as far as we can tell.

Next up in the list of all things Lian Li is this LCD AIO cooler. Fans have been waiting for the Taiwanese company to release an official LCD screen model, and we’re excited to see what it’s all about.

GALAHAD II LCD AIO cooler design & specs

The GALAHAD II (or GALAHAD 2) LCD AIO cooler is something we’re delighted to see. This is 280/360 AIO (All-In-One) cooler which features a 2.88″ LCD screen. This small display has a resolution of 480×480 and is placed on top of the liquid cooler pump. The pump in this particular model is designed by reliable brand Asetek, according to ShortCircuit.

On the side of the pumps you’ll find two aluminum caps with edge-diffused LED lighting for a nice touch, with a lighting strip on the side of the side of the screen’s casing too.

lian li galahad ii lcd screen

What information is on the GALAHAD II LCD screen?

LCD screens are fun to customize, and that’s what’s offered to you from Lian Li with the GALAHAD II LCD. As mentioned, the screen has a 480×480 resolution and can support MP4 files, customizable layers, screen capturing, and split screen. On top of that, the 2GB of flash memory allows you to upload MP4 files of up to 3 minutes.

Lian Li’s L-Connect 3 software is the official tool for customizing your LCD screen. A quick look at this shows that you are able to select multiple themes, upload a background image, and display your CPU temperature in real time.

lian li l connect 3
L-Connect 3 software, featuring background and CPU temperature display settings (image source: ShortCircuit)

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