Nvidia Ampere Could Propel Gaming PCs Above Next-Gen Consoles

Nvidia Ampere Could Propel Gaming PCs Above Next Gen Consoles

We’ve all been impressed by what’s coming up in the next-generation of gaming consoles, but where does that leave those who game on PC? With Nvidia expected to reveal details of their upcoming Ampere GPU architecture at GTC this year, we could start to piece together just how well they’ll perform. 

When Will GTC 2020 Be Held?

Like many events this year, GTC fell foul to the COVID-19 crisis. Originally planned to go ahead on May 14th, the event was changed to become an online event to showcase Nvidia’s latest technology. 

In the past, GTC has been an event that caters towards developers and technology specialists rather than the gamer crowd. While it’s expected that we’ll see some pretty impressive hardware being revealed, it will probably end up in data centers rather than our home PCs.

That’s not to say that there won’t be any useful information shared. The architecture that Nvidia develops will span across all of their graphics cards. This means that the Ampere architecture should give us a decent idea of what to expect in the next GeForce lineup. 

What Could Ampere bring to the GeForce Lineup?

According to some sources, Ampere could deliver up to a 50% performance boost from what we’ve seen in Turing architecture already. This would put it way ahead of the current GeForce RTX 2000 series of graphics cards. These GPUs would likely deliver increased performance at higher resolutions, as well as improvements to the already impressive ray-tracing software.

Whether or not we’ll only see these improvements in high-end models remains to be seen. A great scenario would be mid-range cards offering the same level of performance as what we currently see in an Nvidia RTX 2060 Ti for example. Not only would this be great for consumers but it would help to bring mid-range PCs up to the same standards as next-gen consoles. 

However, with the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X looking set to be pretty impressive consoles, Nvidia’s Ampere graphics cards will need to be a large step up. We’d hope to see the top of the line Amere graphics cards bring something special to the table, something along the lines of 8K gaming or an improvement to ray-tracing would be great news.

Are you excited for news regarding Ampere? Could you see your next upgrade being from the 3000-series? Let us know down in the comments section below.