PS5 And Xbox Series X Event Updates

The two next-gen consoles, the PS5 and Xbox Series X, have been dominating gaming headlines for quite some time now. But, despite this, we still don’t have much to go on. That could all be about to change though as both Sony and Microsoft have dedicated events just on the horizon.

PS5: State Of Play Rescheduled

The upcoming State of Play event was originally scheduled to take place on June 4th, but amidst Black Lives Matter protests, Sony decided to take a step back and allow for “more important voices to be heard”. They weren’t the only gaming company to postpone events to support the movement either.

The original event brought a whole host of rumors with it that we would finally get a look at the PS5 itself thanks to some website updates prior to the day itself. It seems even more likely now that they’ve revealed the event’s title to be “PS5 The Future Of Gaming”.

We also have a new date – June 11th. The pre-recorded event will start at 1pm PT / 4pm ET/ 9pm BST.

The event will bring us “more than an hour” of new footage which means lots of juicy new game trailers to sink our teeth into. We’re expecting to see some more Assassin’s Creed Valhalla footage, and hopefully get a better look at what other titles are planning a next-gen launch.

Xbox Event Pushed Back

While Sony is working hard to bring us the latest updates as soon as possible, Microsoft has taken a different approach. Reports indicate that their next event has been pushed back to August so that their announcements don’t clash with Sony’s.

This rumor comes from Jeff Grubb on Twitter when he posted the following tweet stating that the big Xbox event had been pushed back to August:

We could still see some kind of Xbox event in June, but the big announcements seem to have been pushed further into summer for now. Only time will tell if this rumor is based in truth though.

Final Word

Which event are you most looking forward to – PS5 or Xbox Series X? What do you think the big reveals are going to be for each event? Let us know in the comments below!