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Cooler Master MM711 Mouse Review

Updated: Oct 19, 2023 11:54 am
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Today we are looking at the follow up from Cooler Master’s MM710 ultra-light gaming mouse, the MM711. Weight in at just 60 grams it’s marginally heavier, with the only difference being the RGB lighting. The MM711 comes with the same accurate PWM 3389 optical sensor, perforated shell, and now features Cooler Masters “ultra weave” cable, which is one of the best I have come across.

The Master Mouse 711 is an ambidextrous gaming mouse that favors the right-handed players out there with two thumb buttons along its left side. This honeycomb-esque mouse is very versatile and can accommodate a variety of hand sizes and grip styles. This model comes in a few different material variations and arrives on shelves for an affordable price.

Let’s take a closer look and see what the Cooler Master MM711 gaming mouse has to offer in this review.





  • Very Comfortable –  Great shape
  • Great Performance –  Top optical sensor remained reliable
  • Scroll Wheel – Great for both gaming and general usage
  • Cable – Lightweight, drag-free “ultraweave” cable
  • RGB – Design looks superb with the perforated shell and diffuser




  • Right-Hand Only – Ambidextrous, but thumb buttons are set up for right-handed users only



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Mouse Size & Weight

  • Weight: 60g
  • Size: Small
  • Length: 11.5cm – 4.5 inches
  • Width: 6.2cm – 2.4 inches
  • Height: 3.8cm – 1.5 inches
  • Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous (right)



Mouse Tech

  • Sensor:  Optical (PWM 3389)
  • Buttons: OMRON switches (20M)
  • DPI: 200-16,000
  • Polling Rate: 125 / 250 / 500 / 1000Hz
  • Connection: Wired
  • Cable: Braided (soft weave)
  • Cable Length: 1.8 m



What’s In The Box

The box displays the mouse inside nicely, however, the packaging is somewhat lacking with this affordable mouse. Of course, as long as the mouse arrives undamaged and ready to go, I’m happy. In this case, there was no damage but I did have to straighten out the cable before using it as it was a little bit coiled.

Inside you’ll find:

  • Cooler Master MM711 Gaming Mouse
  • Extra set of PTFE feet
  • Small manual with the button layout


The overall look and feel of this mouse is actually very appealing. The honeycomb perforation enables the bright RGB to shine, nearly making this a desk lamp. The shell and primary buttons are completely white and apart from being a dirt magnet, the looks are impressive. The white is broken up with the RGB and black extra buttons (side, DPI, and wheel), giving you an aesthetic mouse that is visually stunning.

Size & Weight


The MM711 is a small mouse and I found it tricky to palm throughout testing. The one saving grace was the 3.8cm hump, which I found to be slightly bigger than other ambidextrous competitors of a similar size, such as the Logitech G305, or the slightly wider G Pro wired. The hump in the middle is around 5.6cm wide and would be more than enough to cater for a smaller hand’s palm grip, but with a length of just 11.5cm, you are probably going to want to use this primarily with a claw or fingertip grip style.

If you are used to smaller mice, then you are going to find the size fairly standard and, if anything, more accommodating than the safe shapes of Logitech. The general size is close to the Glorious Model-O – and the Zowie S2, although the MM711 has a bit more of a profile to it and is certainly a size and shape I prefer. My hand size is around medium (18x11cm) so my preference is still for mice like the Deathadder V2 or EC2-B that sit in my hand, giving my palm plenty of room to rest.

Many mouse manufacturers have been cutting the weight of mice with every new addition. There is the odd exception but generally, mice are getting lighter. I like my mice around 90 grams, with 80 being as low as I would like to go. There are now more options than ever for high-quality ultra-light gaming mice and the MM711 appears to compete with the Glorious PC Model O- directly.

Shape & Texture


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Just like the MM710, the shape on the MM711 is excellent. The good-sized hump provides the base of comfort for your palm as the rest of the mouse slopes forward towards the slightly concave primary buttons.

I found the shape was as ergonomic as the Model-O but less so than the supremely better Zowie S2. This will easily accommodate for hands as large as mine it is just my grip style that stops me from using this more frequently. The sides taper in, which is a great touch and allows even me to get a good grip on this mouse.

The shape is, of course, ambidextrous and reminds us of the older MasterMouse S. The MM711 is designed to favor the right hand, with the two thumb buttons being located on the left side. Overall, the shape is comfortable to grip and made the mouse enjoyable to use for my day to day tasks.

The outer shell and main material the mouse is made from is ABS plastic. The MM711 comes in two types of texture, the matte black or white model and a glossy variant. I enjoy glossy mice as I feel I get the same level of grip as I would from a mouse with all your little additional grip textures. For example, the completely smooth EC2-B sits in my hand as firmly as the Deathadder V2, which includes grip textured areas. Generally speaking, you are going to want the glossy model if you live in a hotter climate but take that with a pinch of salt. It is worth noting that the matte plastic model we have here is much nicer looking on the desk over the glossy variants but I suppose function is the primary concern here.


The MM711 would feel completely smooth if it wasn’t for the perforated shell. The mouse is completely covered with cutout holes in a very stylish honeycomb type pattern. The holes appear to have been cut to resemble the Cooler Master logo and let the RGB shine in a very aesthetically pleasing manner. A nice touch from Cooler Master is the inclusion of a diffuser to soften the sharp edges of the RGB LED. The diffuser sits under the hump and is probably the reason as to why I thought this would make a good desk lamp, replacing the old lava lamps.

Underneath we see even more perforation and the mouse takes on a more vibrant look from the bottom. Without the diffuser, you see how bright and distracting that RGB lighting could have been. The bottom is fairly bare but we see three large PTFE feet, one spanning the top and two in either of the bottom corners. 

At first, the mouse felt “scratchy” like the feet were catching on my mouse pad but I had noticed a few others complaining about this issue, which after a small amount of time was no longer noticeable. So yes you will have to wear this in a bit. It is worth noting that Cooler Master includes a replacement set of feet with this and the MM710, great work Cool Master.


The first thing I noticed about the two primary buttons was a slight wiggle in the shell. This is because the buttons are separate pieces of plastic so a little bit of wiggle can occur with this type of design. The small amount of movement did not affect gameplay whatsoever but it is just worth pointing out. 

There are six buttons in total on the MM711 and the two primary ones feature OMRON switches beneath, good enough for 20 million clicks. The clicks feel responsive and sound superb but I found my finger had to travel a bit more when clicking and felt less responsive than my current daily driver, the EC2-B. Either way, the buttons are great and the smooth concave top is quite accommodating.

Behind the primary buttons, there is a DPI switch that sits out of the way and was never accidentally pressed. There are seven DPI stages to play with right out of the box and the mouse wheel changes color to indicate the change. This means you don’t have to install the software if you are used to normal DPI stages but you will be restricted to a single color illumination.

To the left side, we see two angled thumb buttons, which aren’t the best for direct presses, but if you slide your thumb to press them, you are going to love these. The actuation felt great on these side buttons and there was little to no wobble with them.

The mouse wheel on the MM711 is really good, in fact, it is one of my favorites. It is stiff enough to stop accidental middle clicks but not so stiff that I scroll when pressing. It has a satisfying and tactile scroll and is miles better than zowie’s scroll wheels (that isn’t hard). The notched steps were both useful in-game and while browsing the web, great wheel.



Another great thing to see on top modern gaming mice is the new and improved cables. Razer recently launched its Deathadder and Basilisk V2 mice with their new and improved cable and it was fantastic. Cooler Master seems to have gone one better here with one of the best I have ever used with a mouse straight out of the box.

The ultra-weave cable is lightweight and flexible. This means you feel next to no cable drag at all times and it’s near impossible to move the mouse by moving the cable around like you can with the Zowie S2. Regardless of whether you use a bungee, tuck your wire under your keyboard, or simply just don’t care, you are going to get little to no interference from your cable!

The fixed cable is 1.8m long and this white version will certainly pick up an absurd amount of dust and grime. A dirty cable isn’t a massive concern for me; however, the build quality around where the mouse is fixed gave me a small amount of concern. It is probably nothing, but the rubberized end, when bent, gave me the impression the mouse could falter in that area in the future. We will have to wait and see.

Sensor & Performance

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The MM711 has a top optical sensor at the center. Top mice are easy to come by these days and this features the reliable PMW 3389. It’s the same mouse we see in the MM710 and basically the same sensor as many top optical mice, with minor differences. This sensor is accurate and remained so throughout usage. There were no noticeable deviations or tilt slamming with this one, it’s solid.

The sensor is a 16K one and while you can set it this high I don’t know why you would. At least the option is there for the nutters that can wield such speed I guess. The incremental steps of your DPI can be changed in the software but the pre-programmed ones were fine for me (sweet, sweet 800). 

The results while testing were a bit of a mixed bag. You are probably wondering why. After all, this is a top gaming mouse. Well, the sensor was accurate at all times and I found the tracking to be flawless, with this boasting a 400 IPS. The bad moments during my time with a few FPS titles like CS:GO and Squad was purely down to my grip style and the amount of time it would take me to get used to this incredibly light-weight, small mouse. During testing, I did see the value in this mouse but if you were serious about grabbing the lightest gaming mouse then you would probably forgo the RGB and grab the cheaper MM710 right?

Whether you go for the MM710 or MM711, you are guaranteed to get a mouse you can throw around your pad and rely on.


I much prefer mice that require no software, even since getting on board with the Zowie mice. Cooler Master gives you the luxury of being able to use this mouse out of the box. You can change to familiar DPI levels without installing Cooler Master MasterPlus but you will lose the RGB nature of the MM711. Furthermore, when going into the software it appeared as though the mouse’s debounce time was set to 8ms as opposed to 4ms.

The software is pretty basic but it does its job, you can change your DPI increments, the RGB lighting, and set macros.

Our Verdict

The bottom line is, the MM711 is just the MM710 with RGB. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go for it though. If you are incredibly serious about getting an ultra-light mouse where function, and function alone, is imperative, the MM710 is the mouse for you. If you are only semi-serious and enjoy a bit of design with your mice, the beautiful MM711 is a great way to go, but just know you are paying for RGB lighting.

The tapered PTFE feet were a new addition with the MM711 but these are now included on the cheaper MM710 too. What you get here is a very affordable mouse that looks superb on any desk. Furthermore, you are getting a top optical sensor and reliable high-quality buttons all rolled into a lightweight shell. There is no doubt that this is a top ambidextrous gaming mouse but if you have particularly big hands you are not going to get the best out of the MM711 or MM710.

A great optical mouse here that favors the right hand and comes equipped with one of the best cables I’ve ever used. So if you don’t mind the extra few grams of weight and want RGB lighting, this is the ambidextrous way to go.

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Cooler Master MM711 Mouse Review

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