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How to complete ‘In Desperate Times’ quest in Diablo 4

Updated: Jul 20, 2023 2:02 pm
How to complete ‘In Desperate Times’ quest in Diablo 4

While you journey across the hellish world of Sanctuary in Blizzard’s Diablo IV on your quest to stop Lilith, there are plenty of quests to pick up in the continent-spanning campaign

From Reject the Mother to Traveler’s Superstition, there are plenty of extra side quests to help you wrack up more loot and experience as you complete the main campaign.

One of the side quests in-game is In Desperate Times, and if you need to complete it, we’re here to help.

How to complete ‘In Desperate Times’ quest in Diablo 4

To complete In Desperate Times, you’re going to first need to pick up the quest, which you can do in the ruined city of Caldeum in the region of Kehjistan. It’s important to note that this quest can only be picked up once you’ve completed the main story of the game.

Travel using the Imperial Library waypoint, and directly to the right of the waypoint you’ll find a book titled “On Caldeum’s Defenses” in the Imperial Library of Kehjistan on the top of a shelf, with a blue quest marker.

Interact with the old book, and you’ll pick up the side quest. It will give you a riddle that goes like this: “And when all is lost, stand before the golden watchers at the palace gates, plead for their help, and be armed.”

This riddle can stump you if you don’t know what to do, but the solution is simple. Head directly South out of the Imperial Library to the Imperial Gardens. You’ll have to face some tough demons on your way in the demon-infested courtyard, so be prepared for a fight. We’ve marked the exact point you need to go to below. The quest starts at the orange circle and ends at the blue.

diablo 4 kehjistan map imperial library orange circle to blue quest marker
Image by WePC via Blizzard

Once you’re there, look up toward the large statue of a bird-like beast surrounded by corpses. This strange statue is the golden watcher. Simply use the Help emote to plea for the watcher’s help in front of the statue. You can bring up your emote wheel by:

  • Hitting the E key on the keyboard
  • Hitting Up on the D-pad on the controller

This will bring up the emote wheel so you can use the Help emote and successfully complete the quest.

Luckily, that’s all you need to do. A mysterious chest will appear with rewards and you’ll gain the XP and renown rewarded for completing the quest.

This quest gives some insight into the city’s attempt to prevent the end of Caldeum and Caldeum’s palace, and how the carnage eventually destroyed the city and all the innocent people in it.

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