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3 greatest Faith weapons in Elden Ring

They’re all effective against the undead if you believe hard enough.

Updated: Apr 12, 2022 10:58 am
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Faith builds give players some of the most unique weaponry in the game, with many of them having a mystical element.

While Faith isn’t the most popular character build in Elden Ring, it does come with a slew of lethal weapons. For Prophet or Confessor players, finding the Best Elden Ring Faith Weapons is a significant priority, 

All About the Faith (FAI) Stat in Elden Ring

Most incantations necessitate a certain level of faith. So, increase your Faith attribute points if you want to learn incantations, but don’t go over the attribute soft cap! Past this point, there are few benefits.

The attack strength of weapons and incantations that benefit from FAI scaling is increased by this stat. In other words, all of the best Faith weapons on this list have increased damage based on your Faith level! So pump up Faith as much as possible to truly create an unstoppable Elden Ring build.

Cipher Pata – Best Early-game Faith Weapon

The Cipher Pata is a really cool first weapon for Faith-based gaming. It takes 30 FAI to use, but it deals a tonne of Holy damage!

Although the Cipher Pata is one of the lesser weapons on the list, it retains its position due to its low Faith level and early-mid game effect. Its ability to deal good Holy damage and shred shields, combined with its quick speed, makes it an excellent secondary slot selection. 

It may also be dual-wielded, allowing you to carry a blade in either hand and its weapon skill, Unblockable Blade, stops opponents from stopping your attacks.

Go to the Roundtable Hold region that Mad Tongue Alberich has occupied to see for yourself. In Roundtable Hold, you’ll find the Cipher Pata. Leap off the balcony at the top of Roundtable Hold’s large staircase, enter the door on the left, and go along the left side. You’ll find a burnt body on a bed where you can get the Cipher Pata.

Coded Sword – Best End-game Faith Weapon

For high-Faith settings, the Coded Sword is a devastating weapon. This is due to its FAI-scaling grade of B.

However, the Coded Sword will not appear until near the end of the game as an option. Oddly, this one-of-a-kind weapon performs no physical damage but has a high Holy damage output. 

Despite its lack of damage output, the ability to use its shield-piercing Ash of War to handle conflicts with the game’s most strong blockers allows it to be a formidable weapon because it prohibits opponents from stopping your attacks with it! 

The Coded Sword can also reach the Faith S-Tier. Therefore it’s worth looking in The Royal Capital of Leyndell as that’s where you’ll find the Coded Sword. The sword is in the chamber with the double doors, so jump onto the top of the abandoned horse stable and enter the next building.

Blasphemous Blade – Best Overall Faith Weapon

The Blasphemous Blade, an enormous weapon that requires extensive stat buildup, is considered one of Elden Ring’s greatest Faith weapons. This may be the most potent Faith weapon in Elden Ring due to the extra Fire damage of its weapon skill, Taker’s Flames, which allows you to steal HP from adversaries you injure!

It heals enemies while killing them and uses its Ash of War to create tremendous explosions. Its only flaw is that it cannot be utilized against fire-resistant enemies, necessitating the employment of at least one other weapon as a backup.

To be prepared, you’ll need STR 22, DEX 15, and FAI 21 to use it.

Ascend Mt. Gelmir to obtain the Blasphemous Blade. You must first defeat Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy, to get the Remembrance of the Blasphemous.

After that, trade the Blasphemous Remembrance with Enia at Roundtable Hold. You will receive the Blasphemous Blade from her.

Keep in mind that while the game has only been out for a short time, there’s a chance that more weapons and items will be added in the future. There have already been rumors that a new DLC is in the works, hinting that the best weapons may be replaced.

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