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Lost Ark Road of Lament Abyss Dungeon Guide

Need a hand with Lost Ark’s Road of Lament Abyss Dungeon? This guide has all the mechanics, tips and tricks covered.

Updated: Mar 7, 2022 11:07 am
Lost Ark Road of Lament

Road of Lament is the first tier 2 end game Abyss Dungeon available to players, it is also the first in the Ark of Arrogance Abyss Dungeons tab. This guide will cover all of the major mechanics you need to know to take it on.

To enter, you will need to have a party of four players, all with item level 840+ and who have all completed the previous four Abyss Dungeons such as Hall of the Twisted Warlord and Hildebrandt Palace. You can use matchmaking or find party features if you need more players.

Lost Ark Road of Lament Abyss Dungeon Mechanics and Tactics

The Road of Lament Abyss Dungeon is surprisingly easy for the first tier 2 dungeon you enter. The dungeon introduces you to some new baddies and some new mechanics, but otherwise, it’s time to get some free T2 loot. Below you will find the relevant tactics and tips to make sure your pug filled world goes much smoother.

Nazan tactics, tips and mechanics

Nazan teleports to the centre of the arena and creates either an inner or outer ring of damage. You want to stay out of this ring. He then extends his arms to the sides and emits knockback lasers from either hand whilst rotating. You will want to avoid getting hit by the lasers by rotating with them.

When Nazan uses this ability for a second time, he will always create an inner ring. AOE damage circles will appear around players and remain for a while in the arena. Stick to the corners of the room here to give yourself an easier path to avoid his lasers once he begins rotating.

There are also a few cheeky based skills you need to avoid, but nothing you’re not already familiar with thanks to other Abyss Dungeons.

Kyzra tactics, tips and mechanics

Kyzra teleports to the centre of the arena and begins to shoot red and yellow orbs out all around her. A good plan here is for each player to pick a direction: up, down, left or right. The initial goal is to collect 3 of the yellow orbs whilst avoiding any red ones. If you do this successfully a yellow aura will appear around you. Next, larger red orbs will appear. You will need to destroy them by moving close with the yellow aura. The large red orbs will begin quickly moving towards Kyzra, if too many make it through, she will wipe the party. We recommend getting coordinated before going into the fight to make the orb collection as easy as possible!

Kyzra also has an attack that requires stagger abilities or whirlwind grenades to interrupt. An orange health bar will appear underneath her to let you know that this has begun. She will then attack in a large cone in three directions. If you do not manage to stagger her in time, she will then do an AOE all around her for massive damage. Try to keep your high stagger skills available, or bring an Artillerist or Scrapper if you have the luxury as both classes have many high stagger skills.

This concludes the Lost Ark Road of Lament Abyss Dungeon Guide. Why not check out our Lost Ark hub if you found this guide useful and make your grind to T3 easier?

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  1. Thank you so much for your guide, in fact it is really difficult to clear the dungeon without a strong gear. Unless you’re lucky enough to meet a strong team, which rarely happens. Most of the time I team up with my friends to play Lost Ark.

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