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Lost Ark Striker guide: Builds, Skills, Engravings.

Here is a guide overring the Lost Ark Striker class and what you can expect if you choose to get one to end game.

Updated: Mar 14, 2022 1:40 pm
Lost Ark Striker

Lost Ark has plenty of classes to choose from, that fit the western and eastern class fantasies we all love. While there are western-style classes in the game, one of the most prominent easter inspirations are the Martial Artists. One of the most popular Martial Artists in the game is the Striker, which is the traditional ‘hit really hard and go wild’ class. If you fancied playing a Strike or are curious to learn more, why not read on and see what this Lost Ark Striker guide offers?

Lost Ark Striker Guide

The Striker is a pretty well-defined class, capable do doing lots and lots of damage with a variety of martial arts. Moreso, the class has quite a few references to wind-based magic, which the Striker can call upon using certain skills, with the typical animal personification motifs attached. Moreso, you need to be aware there is only really one meta build at the minute, especially in Russia. Therefore, we will only go into detail on the one specific build that players are using, which is the Deathblow build.

Lost Ark Striker Identity Skill

The core identity of the Striker is based on a resource generation from his skills. Unlike other classes that fill gauge, you instead collect an orb called Estoric Orbs. These orbs fill a gauge, which you spend on super powerful basic skills. However, with the most common build, you’re going to run you will get four Estoric Orb slots, instead of the base three. Not to mention you will get a bonus amount of damage based on the level of your Deathblow engraving.

Lost Ark Striker Skills and Tripods

Lost Ark Striker Skills
I hope you enjoy kicking enemies into the air like it’s Tekken.

So, what are the Lost Ark Striker skills you want to use while playing the class? Well, the most obvious skills come much later in the game when you start levelling up. If you’re playing a striker and leveling one right now, continue to upgrade the skills you like using and swap them out for better skills later on.

SkillWhat it doesTripod 1Tripod 2Tripod 3
Lightning WhisperSummons lightning and roll forward. Lowers foe’s crit resistance by 3% for 6 seconds.Lightning’s BlessingQuick-PrepFatal Lightning
Tiger EmergesDash forward four meters, knock enemies up and kick three times. Spends an orb.Quick PrepSingle HitAscension
Lightning Tiger StrikeSend out a tiger spirit that knocks up enemies and deals damageSingle StrikeWeak PointCharged kick
Moon Flash KickCombo skill that you can press three times to deliver 4 kicks. The final kick knocks enemies back.White Flame Kick – costs more mana but generates orbs faster.Single HitFull Moon Kick
Storm Dragon AwakeningRToundhouse kick, knock the foe up and kick them again, use the skill again to jump in the air and kick them down and become paralysis immune.Excellent MobilityEnhanced Strike
Sweeping KickCombo move that knocks foes off their feet and use it again to dash in a direction and deliver a spinning kick in the air.Weak PointLight of JusticeExaggerated Ability
Sky Shattering BlowRoundhouse kick that can be cast again to knock foes in the air.Excellent MobilityWide HitAbundant Resources
Violent TigerKick multiple times in a variety of ways.Vital Point HitPreferencePreference,

The core of this Lost Ark Striker skill build, is primarily a single target build. Some skills take tripods that deal AOE effects, such as the Wide tripods. However, if you find you need more AOE, such as when you’re in the open world or doing Chaos Dungeons,  you can swap Violent Tiger out for something like Call the Wind God or Blast Formation for your Orb skills. or take Berserk Circle if you want a regular AOE skill. That should plug some holes this build has. Alternatively, take off Single HIt from skills that have that tripod activated.

Also, keep in mind that some Abundant Resources skills are core to the build for generating your Orbs.

Lost Ark Striker Awakening Skills

Like every Lost Ark class, the Striker has two Awakening Skills. These two Awakening skills are Explosive Heat and Heavenly. Explosive allows the Striker to advance 4 meters and strike four times with his explosive fists. Meanwhile, Heavenly is an Awakening skill that empowers the Striker’s kick, dealing huge bursts and sending enemies into space before they fall back down to earth.

Lost Ark Striker Engravings

Lost Ark Striker Build
If an Engraving gives you damage, you want it.

Since the Striker is a melee-focused, combo heavy damage dealer; you want engravings that match that style. Again, this class wants to take the usual Lost Ark engravings, such as Adrenaline and Grudge for that sweet damage bonus. However, Grudge does come with a damage taken debuff, so you will go splat easier. Luckily for you, nearly enough every Striker skill has some movement skill. Dodging enemy skills and tactics should be pretty easy to do.

On the other hand, you want Precise Dagger, which is an engraving that buffs your crit strike chance. You’ll also want Master of Ambush, which is an engraving that increases damage to your back attacks. Using both of these at the same time means you can get bonus back attack damage, alongside some incredible crit bonuses. Do be warned that Master of Ambush is only ideal in group content, as the chance you get the back attack is reduced against other players in PvP, or in the open world or solo content when there’s no one else to get the threat.

Also, you can take the Raid Leader engraving if you wish. Lots of your Striker skills have movement-related aspects. It is really easy to get a cheeky bit of bonus damage from that engraving. You can learn more about Lost Ark Engravings here if you’re interested.

Lost Ark Striker Gems and Runes

The general rule of thumb for the Striker is to try and gets gems that increase your identify gauge acquisition on the skills you use to build your meter. For example, you want to add this type of gem to the Sky Shattering Blow, as that generates a lot of gauge resource anyway. This way, you can get more orbs in that one skill since you already have an active resource tripod.

In addition, you want your non Orb skills with the most damage off cooldown and stronger. We recommend putting your damage buff and lowered cooldown gems into the Lightning Whisper skill. You especially want cooldown reduction on the skill since it provides a juicy crit buff to the enemies you hit with it. The more often you get to press that skill the better. 

Lastly, you want to apply your damage buff gems to your Orb Skills. You can only press these skills when you have an orb to spend. Since your Class Engraving already empowers Orb skills, any extra damage goes a long way.

This concludes our Lost Ark Striker Guide. We hope you enjoyed this beginner guide to the Striker and now you have a better idea of what the class is all about.

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