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Lost Ark Chaos Dungeon guide: Locations and rewards

We guide you through what you need to know on the Lost Ark Chaos Dungeons feature.

Updated: Feb 16, 2022 3:55 pm
Lost Ark Chaos Dungeon guide: Locations and rewards

Lost Ark is a game filled with many end game opportunities. Those who love the old classic MMORPG raids can find them with Legion Raids and world bosses. Meanwhile, other players quill be able to experience the more ARPG friendly aspects of the game, such as Lost Ark’s Chaos Dungeons. The Lost Ark Chaos Dungeons are perfect for the player gearing and with satisfying mob round-up and knocking them down.

The Lost Ark Chaos Dungeons are a very important part of the end game systems. The reason why is because they are a part of your weekly objectives when you get a character to level 50. If you head over to the Adventure tab at the bottom right portion of the screen, and click on Una’s Tasks, then you can see your weeklies and dailies. Most of the weeklies feature some form of instanced content, such as the Lost Ark’s Chaos Dungeons, while others will have your character head to the Cube, Abyssal Dungeons and more.

Lost Ark Chaos Dungeon locations

Lost Ark Chaos Dungeon Locations
Here is an example of one of the T1 Lost Ark Chaos Dungeon locations.

The Chaos Dungeons in Lost Ark are scattered throughout all the end game cities. Each city awards different tier difficulties correlating with the tier the content launched. Throughout the end game, you will find hubs that offer players the chance to partake in Chaos Dungeons, along with Tower runs, Abyssal Dungeons and more. 

Below, we have listed all the Lost Ark Chaos Dungeon locations and their tiered rewards.

  • Chaos Dungeon North Vern – Tier 1 rewards. Located in Vern Castle.
  • Chaos Dungeon Rohendel – Tier 1 rewards. Located in Rothun.
  • Chaos Dungeon Yorn – Tier 2 rewards. Located in the Great Castle.
  • Chaos Dungeon Feiton – Tier 2 rewards. Located in Kalaja
  • Chaos Dungeon Punika – Tier 3 rewards. Located in Nia Village.
  • Chaos Dungeon South Vern – Tier 3 rewards. Not yet accessible in the Western client.

It is also worth mentioning each of these locations will have a vendor next to them. Here you can exchange your Perception SHards and disorder Crystals currencies for items like fragments and engravings.

Lost Ark Chaos Dungeon Rewards

When you take part in a Chaos Dungeon, you can earn extra rewards that help your progress. For example, you can earn gold from the Chaos Dungeons and get reagents from the runs. For example, the Chaos Dungeons in Rohendel award T1 rewards, featuring the chance to get Destruction Stone and Guardian Stone fragments, which are useful for gear upgrades.

Meanwhile, Rohendel’s counterpart, North Vern’s Chaos Dungeon, has the chance to drop epic quality T1 pieces of gear, like the Forbidden pieces of gear. Note, these items tend to share the same loot table as the World Bosses from that tier’s content, such as the Chaotic Chao.

In some instances, your Chaos Dungeon may even have the chance to loot orange named items. These items tend to be the orange named version of the Forbidden we mentioned in the paragraph above, except they are 420 ilvl, rather than 340. Moreso, there is a chance you can grab mounts from the Chaos Dungeons, such as a red wolf mount.

The same applies as you ascend the tiers of content. There tends to be one Chaos Dungeon that offers purple quality jewellery themed loot, following the same naming conventions as the jewellery pieces of gear in the

All in all, Chaos Dungeons is going to be one of the main ways you collect resources, materials and even gear. We highly recommend doing these Lost Ark Chaos Dungeons on your alts and your main every day to get as many resources as possible.

We are diving into more Lost Ark guide content if you like this guide. If you’re interested, why not check out our Lost Ark hub and see if there is something else you can learn more about?

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