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Lost Ark Tytalos Guide: Here’s how to avoid the wipe mechanic

Here are some solid tips for taking on the Lost Ark Tytalos fight.

Updated: Mar 14, 2022 1:47 pm
Lost Ark Tytalos

Update March 14: This guide now reflects the nerfs Amazon Games Studio and Smilegate RPG did in the February balance changes. Moreso, we are updating this article to reflect the needed hotfix for the Lost Ark Tytalos fight. We advise keeping away from the fight while the devs are working on the hotfix. If you’re still braving the fight or the hotfix is complete, below you’ll find a guide on the Lost Ark Tytalos fights, including tips and mechanic run downs.

When you start reaching the end of the T1 Guardian Raid bosses, you will come across a boss called Tytalos. For many, it seems that the Lost Ark Tytalos fight is one of the hardest fights for Guardian Raiders out there. The worst bit is you need to do it to complete the T1 content and move on. To make it easier, we have this Tytalos guide, feature tactics, and tips you need to beat this boss.

Lost Ark Tytalos Guide

Tytalos has one key mechanic that will wipe the party if not understood. When the boss glows red, you will notice it will begin charging a skill up. This skill launches a 360-degree red blast skill that will one-shot players. You can als55o tell it is coming when the environment around Tytalos starts giving off red vapor, especially around the boss itself.

Lost Ark Tytalos Wipe Mechanic
An example of a dust tornado

A key to surviving this thing is through the dust tornadoes that spawn. When you’ve been in there for three ticks of damage in the center of the tornados, you will get petrified. While you’re petrified, you can avoid the one-shot mechanic by becoming immune. You need to get this right; otherwise, you’ll start chewing through the team’s lives and potentially fail the raid.

One last thing to note is the tornado gives you a 30-second cooldown on becoming petrified. If you mess this up and go in too early, you will die. However, you can bring classes that can remove debuffs, such as the Gunlancer, Paladin, or Soulfist. Alternatively, you can take a Panacea potion, which also removes debuffs from your characters. These come in handy if you notice you or your party mess up, and you can remove the 30-second cooldown buff so you can become immune again.

Other Tytalos Mechanics

While the Tytalos wipe mechanic is certainly an issue for most players, the rest of the Tytalos mechanics are not that bad. Like most bosses in Lost Ark, there are a variety of cones, swipes, charges, and other things to pay attention to that will lower your HP. Here are the rest of Tytalos’s skills you need to watch out for.

  • Red Earthquake – The ground tends to shake, with red lines appearing around the battlefield you need to avoid erupting below you. This also tends to happen shortly before the wipe mechanic takes place. Dodge this and then keep an eye on the dust tornados in anticipation of the wipe mechanic
  • Wipe Mechanic is one of the unavoidable skills you need to become petrified when the boss glows red to survive.
  • Blue Charge – The boss glows blue, which will then charge seconds later. This skill is countable using a skill counter, stunning the boss in the process.
  • Paw Slam – Tytalos raises its front right paw and slams it to the ground on a player position. The paw then sends out a cone attack dealing damage 180 degrees in front of the paw.
  • Red Circles – The boss will call forth several circles under the player’s position, one after another. This tends to happen three times, so keep moving and don’t stand on them when they blow up.
  • Rolling Fire – The boss summons several rolling fire wheels that path across the battlefield. Dodge them to the best of your ability.
  • Slashes combo – The boss does two different slash attacks on its front, with a delay between the first and second attacks.
  • Weakness to fire – The boss is weak to fire. We recommend tripod any fire effects onto your skills for the sake of this battle or take flame grenades if you wish. Thanks to its napalm and flamethrower skills, the Artillerist is a good counter to this boss.

This concludes our Lost Ark Tytalos Guide. If you fancy taking a look at other content, the WePC Lost Ark hub is filled with tips on Abyss Dungeons, Guardian Raids, and more end game content for you to look at.

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