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Madden 24 – How to block a field goal

Updated: Aug 15, 2023 1:50 pm
Madden 24 – How to block a field goal

The next iteration of the biggest football simulator is here. Madden NFL 24 from EA is the newest release from the Madden NFL series, the wildly popular football simulator game.

Sports fans can rejoice with how much there is to do in the game. Create their own player, beat blitz plays, and dive into a touchdown. Of course, football is what fans are there for, and every play is possible, including blocking field goals.

Do you need to know how to block a field goal in Madden 24? That’s what we’re here for. This is how to block a field goal.

How to block field goals in Madden 24

In Madden, blocking kicks is challenging. Use any field goal block play and select the player on either the far left or far right. They have an outside track to the kicker. If you time the snap right with your right trigger on console, you will receive a boost into the backfield. It’s slight, but it gives you the option, if you avoid the blocker, to get into the backfield. From there, you need to dive in front of the kick.

You can do this by pressing X on the Xbox or Square on PlayStation. It has to be timed correctly. If it’s not done at the right time, you will miss the kick. You should also avoid diving into the kicker as that can result in a penalty.

Blocking kicks in Madden has also been done by following these instructions to stop a field goal via a glitch:

  • Load up Load Block Left for the play
  • Trigger the block animation by hitting the R2 button on Xbox or L2 button on PlayStation repeatedly
  • Dive by hitting the X button on Xbox or the Square button on PlayStation
  • This will let your team block the kicker

This field goal block glitch allows you to block every field goal so long as you do it right. Your linemen will be able to block the field goal and have a better chance of winning each game whether in Franchise Mode or Training Camp. This exploit has worked on all consoles. Please note that glitches can be patched and EA Sports will likely want to remove most glitches from their game as soon as they’re aware of them. Using glitches is also not how they intended the game to be played.

FGs are a part of every football game, so in the gameplay, you’re going to come across quite a few of them. Using this for your defenses gives the game a change of direction and puts you in a great position to win.

There’s plenty more to find in Madden 24, where you can build the Madden Ultimate Team with your pick of quarterback, offense, defense, and more to play in the most competitive games. The previous year of Madden brought plenty to the franchise, but the launch of Madden 24 will bring back the beloved Superstar Mode, replacing the Face of the Franchise. Football simulation has never been as in-depth, and for sports fans, this is the biggest thing since sliced bread.

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