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How to craft and use a chain in Minecraft

Here's how to Craft and Use A Chain in Minecraft.

Updated: Jun 9, 2022 3:15 pm
How to craft and use a chain in Minecraft

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Minecraft’s Nether Update introduced a host of new items to the game. With the update, we received chains that are decorative metal blocks found in the bastion remnants as well as the ruined portal chests. Ever since the Cave and Cliffs update which launched in 2021, chains can also be generated as part of mineshafts.

How to get Chains in Minecraft

The best way to get chains in Minecraft is by crafting them. Players can craft chains by using one iron ingot and two iron nuggets. Getting both of the items that are needed for crafting is very easy and if you mine frequently you will have a stockpile of iron nuggets and iron ingots.

How to Use Chains in Minecraft

Here are some of the ways you can use chains in Minecraft.

Making Bridges: You can use chains to make bridges and pair the chains with cables to offer support to your bridges.

Parkour Maps: If you enjoy making parkour maps for yourself and your friends, chains can be handy tools to design unique levels. Players who enjoy making high-difficulty maps usually use chains as it takes a bit of practice and skill to walk on chains in Minecraft.

Create Haunted Mansions: You can hang mobs in Minecraft using chains. You need to surround a mob with barrier blacks and use the Dinnerbone name tag before adding chains to get access to the hanging effect. It’s a great way to build haunted houses that will spook anyone that sees your hanging mobs.

Decorations: Chains are quite beautiful if you know how to build around them. You can make water wells, street poles, telephone poles, and other interesting objects using chains to add a bit more flair to your world.

Hang items: Chains can be used to hang bells, soul lanterns, and other items in the ceiling. You can also use chains to make chandeliers and create some natural lighting even in dimly lit areas.

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