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How to make and use a Fletching Table in Minecraft

Here’s how to make a Fletching Table for better trades in Minecraft.

Updated: Jun 9, 2022 2:48 pm
How to make and use a Fletching Table in Minecraft

While a Fletching Table is one of the rare Minecraft Villager job blocks that doesn’t have a direct function to the player, it’s still a great item to have for a number of reasons. Predominantly, crafting a Fletching Table facilitates trading with Villagers in Minecraft, by turning an unemployed Villager into a Fletcher. In turn, this gives the player access to valuable resources like arrows or weapons, and a Fletcher is possibly the best resource for earning Emeralds. And, if you’re feeling creative, a Fletching Table can also be used as a decorative block.

While Fletching Tables can naturally spawn in villages, they’re fairly rare, so being able to craft a Fletching Table can speed up the entire process for a player. Here’s how to make and use a Fletching Table in Minecraft. 

Miencraft Fletching Table

How to Make a Fletching Table in Minecraft

As mentioned, Fletching Tables allow for Trading with Villagers in Minecraft. They can be crafted in any Crafting Table as long as you have the required materials, but do require the 3×3 crafting table grid, so cannot be crafted in your inventory. 


Gather wood

The first crafting ingredient you will need for a Fletching Table is four wooden planks. You can obtain planks from a log block, and you’ll get four wooden planks from one log. For a Fletching Table, you can use any kind of wood.

Gathering wood in Minecraft crafting ingredient

As you can see in step 3, you can even use different varieties of wood in a Fletching Table recipe. Useful if you have some stray blocks you want to use up.


Collect Flint

The only other ingredient you need to craft a Minecraft Fletching Table is two pieces of Flint. Flint is easily found across biomes in Minecraft, with a 10% chance of dropping every time a player breaks Gravel. Find plenty of Gravel inside caves or along shorelines, but a specific biome – the Windswept Gravelly Hills – contains stacks upon stacks of the stuff.

Gravel Flint Minecraft Crafting item

Why not gather some extra Gravel while you’re there for crafting Concrete!


Place your items in a Crafting Table

Open up a Crating Table 3×3 grid and place the two pieces of Flint next to each other in the top row.
Now place the four wooden planks directly below the flint. If you have done it correctly, their will be an empty column in the 3×3 crafting grid, as per the image below.

Fletching Table Crafting Recipte Minecraft

You can now transfer the Fletching Table to your inventory, and place it in any village of your choice. Villagers will now learn the Trading skill as well as the arrow-making skill.

How to use a Fletching Table in Minecraft

The most common trade players make is for Emeralds. Fletchers will accept 32 sticks in exchange for one emerald. They will also sell arrows and other weaponry according to their level, including some very useful Enchanted ranged weapons. Trading with a Fletcher is one of the fastest and easiest ways to earn Emeralds in Minecraft, for more, check out our full guide on earning Minecraft Emeralds fast!

How to get Minecraft Emeralds Fletcher trade

You can also use a Fletching Table as a decorative item. Even though players cannot interact with a Fletching Table, that doesn’t mean you can’t place one in your Minecraft house or workshop to add to the scenery. Place it in the same room as your Crafting Table or Anvil for a workshop, or build an outdoor shooting range with target blocks and add a Fletching Table as an extra detail.

While that’s all we’ve got on Fletching Tables (until they’re hopefully updated to be interactable!), we have loads of other Minecraft crafting guides below.

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