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What does each Pikmin color mean? 

Updated: Jul 3, 2023 8:02 pm
What does each Pikmin color mean? 

Pikmin are plant-hybrid creatures ready to be plucked from the ground and placed into your Pikmin Squard for adventures. In the fantastical world of Pikmin, these creatures come in various colors or types, each with unique abilities.

Out from Nintendo comes the curious creatures of PNF-404. Most Pikmin is created from Onions, which produce them as seedlings. However, a select few are native to Caves and thus found underground. These Pikmin can only be grown by throwing them into Candpop Buds. As a result, you can guess plenty of these plant-like creatures feasting on nectar in the Pikmin game. So, follow this guide to find out what each Pikmin color means.

What do the different colors of Pikmin mean?

There are about ten different types of Pikmin, and each is represented with a different color. Below is a list of what the colors mean:

  • Red Pikmin are fire-resistant and are mainly used for attack.
  • Blue Pikmin is the direct opposite and is water-resistant. They can also save other Pikmin if they were to drown.
  • Yellow Pikmin are a unique type of Pikmin, as they are the only Pikmin type to throw bomb rocks. These plant-like creatures resist electricity and can dig faster than other Pikmin types.
  • Purple Pikmin are slower than other Pikmin types but are your heavy lifters.
  • Like your Red Pikmin, who will attack your enemies, Rock Pikmin can destroy crystal obstacles and attack enemies with powerful impacts. They are also resistant to being crushed or stabbed.
  • White Pikmin are poisonous and thus resistant to poison. These white creatures can also dig for treasures underground.
  • Winged Pikmin is the weaker of the bunch. However, as they have wings, they can fly over water and low barriers.
  • The Ice Pikmin will freeze its enemy’s health wheel when they are eaten. Additionally, they can also freeze water if you toss them into it. However, they will become stuck in the ice, so use this ability wisely.
  • While similar to Winged Pikmin, Glow Pikmin are also capable of flight. However, they only come out at night. If you have many of them, they can form a Glowmob. This is an energy orb you can use to hit enemies.
  • Mushroom Pikmin (Puffmin) is a special type of Pikmin that can only be created when a Puffstool attacks a normal Pikmin with its spores. The Pikmin will then lose its characteristic round eyes, nose, and ears. However, they will attack Captain Olimar and be attacked by unaffected Pikmin.

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