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Starfield – Where to find your Dream Home

Updated: Sep 1, 2023 4:56 pm
Starfield – Where to find your Dream Home

Want to learn where to find your Dream home in Starfield? When choosing your traits, there will be a perk or two that can help you in ways you did not know. Owning a house will give you the advantage of decorating your lodge and includes a large kitchen, cooking station, bathrooms, and living room, provided you have enough credits.

Throughout your journey, you will meet many companions who may later become a member of your crew. If you are still within the character creator, learn the best traits before you start your quest. But first, follow this guide to find out how to find your Dream Home in Starfield.

How to find your Dream Home in Starfield

To find your Dream Home, you must first complete the main mission called One Small Step in Starfield. After you complete this quest, you will receive a new mission directing you to visit Landry Hollifeld in the Galbank of New Atlantis about your mortgage. Once you interact with him, receive coordinates to Planet Nesoi in the Olympus System.

After this, find Planet Nesoi in the Olympus System on your Star Map. You will be able to hump from Alpha Centauri to this planet. Once you are near Nesoi, rotate the planet to find your Home. Here, you can visit your Dream Home once you touchdown on the planet. It will be the only building you can see.

How to get a Dream Home in Starfield

Your Dream Home is a luxurious, customizable house on a peaceful planet. To gain the ability to access this home, you must choose the Dream Home trait during your character creation. This will give you the ability to own a house. However, owning this home will cost you 125,000 on a Credit Mortgage weekly at the Galbank.

However, instead of the Credit Mortgage being automatically deducted, each time you visit your house, you must pay 500 Credits with the in-game currency for one week of access to your house.

Of course, once you obtain your new place, it will be empty, as many new homes are. However, the option to Decorate will appear if you use the scanning tool. Your new two-story home will be a blank slate so you can decorate it as you please.

You can create anything from furniture to crafting materials with the correct resources!

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