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Tales From the Borderlands (2014) Story Recap

What happened so far?

Updated: Aug 31, 2022 11:11 pm
Tales from the Borderlands 1

Tales From the Borderlands is 8 years old now, and with New Tales From the Borderlands, it is time for a Story Recap.

The first game followed the adventures of Rhys, Fiona, Sasha, and Vaughn with a lot of familiar faces returning to the series.

Now without further ado, let’s jump right into Tales From the Borderlands Story Recap.

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Tales From the Borderlands Story Recap 1
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Tales From the Borderlands Story Recap

Episode 1 – Zer0 Sum

The entire game begins when a strange figure kidnaps Rhys and Fiona. They are forced to share their story about the Gortys Project.

Rhys, an employee of Hyperion is demoted by Hugo Vasquez. After Rhys overheard that Hugo is trying to find and buy the vault key they do the same.

Rhys and Vaughn take the stolen briefcase of money to Pandora in order to purchase the vault key from August first.

However, Rhys, Vaughn, and the seller discovered that the key was fake all along, created by two con artists Fiona and Sasha. The money is stolen by Bossanova.

Rhys, Vaughn, Sasha, and Fiona form an unlikely alliance and go on an adventure to recover the money. Rhys installs a Hyperion ID chip that he recovered from the dead body of Professor Nakayama.

The assumption was that the chip would help them recover the briefcase, but nothing happened. After a while, they all locate the money near a secret Atlas facility.

Felix, who was a mentor for Sasha and Fiona decided to take the briefcase for himself. It triggered the briefcase’s explosive lock.

Depending on your choices as Fiona Felix could either die or escape from this situation. The rest of the gang discovers the Gortys core inside a secret chamber in the Atlas facility.

Suddenly, a hologram of everyone’s favorite villain Handsome Jack appears to Rhys and announces that they have found the Gortys Project, which is a way to the vault.

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Tales From the Borderlands Story Recap 2
Image via Gearbox Software

Episode 2 – Atlas Mugged

The gang wants to learn more about the Gortys Project. The group sets off in the caravan of Fiona and Sasha. They learn that another Atlas facility is located in Old Haven.

However, they get bombarded by Helios’ moonshot cannon. Rhys and Vaughn fall off the caravan trying to escape. When they think they’ve had enough adventures for one day they stumble upon Hugo Vasques.

They are able to escape from him with the help of Loader Bot and Handsome Jack. In the meantime, Fiora and Sasha take a detour.

Our girls end up in Hollow Point and stumble upon Scooter who helps them repair their caravan. They also visit Felix’s home and discover that Felix betrayed them to protect them from August’s boss Vallory.

They then get jumped by some thugs, Finch and Kroger, but are saved by Vault Hunter Athena.

After they reach the Atlas facility the group is ambushed by Vasquez and August. They force Fiona and Rhys to create the Gortys. Rhys accidentally triggers a security protocol at the Atlas base. He must choose between trusting either Fiona or Jack to get to safety.

Episode 3 – Catch a Ride

It does not matter much who Rhys trusts at the end of the previous episode. The group escapes August and Velasquez either way.

Not all is good because they get caught off-guard by Vallory and her henchmen. Vallory kills Vasquez and prepares to execute the others, but they are saved by Athena who forces the enemies to retreat.

It is revealed that Athena was originally hired by Felix to protect and teach Sasha and Fiona. The latter activates the Gortys unit which turns out to be a cute robot.

Gortys explains that Atlas created her to help locate the Vault of the Traveler that constantly teleports. It never stays in one place for long.

The issue is that Athena killed most of the Atlas’ employees which left Gortys incomplete. Your goal is to take Gortys and help her get the upgrade.

As Rhys, you can either partner up with Handsome Jack or reject his proposition. The whole group reaches a biodome and successfully retrieves the upgrade that Gortys needs.

However, they are attacked and captured by Vallory who hands off Athena to Brick and Mordecai. Depending on your choice as Fiona, Vaughn can either escape or be captured.

He will escape later either way. Gortys is forced by Vallory to reveal the location of the next upgrade. It is on Helios.

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Tales from the Borderlands 4
Image via Gearbox Software

Episode 4 – Escape Plan Bravo

Vallory forces our gang to get the upgrade from the office of Handsome Jack himself on Helios. She also sends August, Finch, and Kroger to watch over the others.

The caravan is changed into a spaceship by Scooter and Janey Springs. It is the only way they can reach Helios. Scooter also accompanies all of the characters to Helios.

Before they arrive, he is forced to sacrifice himself to prevent the spaceship from exploding. He goes off in style on a rocket screaming his catchphrase “Catch-A-Riiiiiide”.

When they reach Helios, Rhys infiltrates the Hyperion headquarters disguised as Hugo Vasquez. Fiona becomes a Hyperion tour guide to blend in. The original plan was for Fiona to investigate the office but the security alarm went off.

Rhys was forced to enter Handsome Jack’s office through a trapdoor under the room. He retrieved the upgrade, and the hologram of Jack offers him full control of Hyperion. You can either accept or deny this offer.

If you accept, Rhys uploads Jack’s mind into Helios, and Jack announces Rhys as the new president of Hyperion. If you decline, then Jack forces you to upload his consciousness into HElios and takes control over Hyperion for himself.

Episode 5 – The Vault of the Traveler

Handsome Jack tries to take control over the body of Rhys. Meanwhile, Fiona, Sasha, and Gortys take the upgrade to the hangar on Helios.

In order to kill Jack, Rhys sends Helios on a collision course with the planet of Pandora. In the escape room, August, Finch, and Kroger betray our gang, revealing they planned to take only Gortys back to Pandora.

August has a change of heart and turns against Finch and Kroger. Some of them escape, but Fiona and Loader Bot are left behind.

Loader Bot makes yet another sacrifice to save Rhys and Fiona. Thanks to him they get to the escape shuttles. In the ruins of the ship, Jack downloads himself into Rhys’ cyber eye, and cyber arm, and tries to kill him once more.

Rhys removes the cybernetics and chooses to either destroy Handsome Juck by destroying his cyber eye or trap him inside.

Vallory uses the fully upgraded Gortys to open the Vault of the Traveler. However, the Vault Monster quickly kills her.

Gortys tells the gang to destroy her, by closing the Vault and vanishing the monster.

Back to the Future

In the present time, Vaughn, who is the leader of the survivors from the Helios’ crash captures the stranger from episode one. It turns out to be Loader Bot. He somehow survived the crash after all.

Loader Bot saw that Gortys was destroyed and felt betrayed by his friends. He rebuild himself and went on to seek the truth. Loader Bot asks the gang to help rebuild Gortys, kill the monster, and free Gortys from what she was programmed to do.

With aid from friends, the monster is killed in a real Megazord fight from Power Rangers.

In the end, Rhys and Fiona are the ones who enter the vault, open a chest, and are teleported to an unknown place.

The End.

Short Tales From the Borderlands Story Recap – TL;DR

Rhys – a male protagonist becomes the president of the Atlas corporation. He either destroys or keeps the AI chip with Handsome Jack on it. If you chose to destroy it he can enter a relationship with Sasha.

Fiona – a female protagonist that assists Rhys and the gang along the way. After the Vault was opened no one knows what happened to her after.

Vaughn – best friend of Rhys. He becomes the leader of a cult living in the destroyed Helios base that fell from the moon.

Loader Bot is a great character that helps everyone, Gortys is a cute, reckless robot, Athena helps out protagonists, gets captured by Brick and Mordecai, but escapes somewhat in the future.

Scooter – one of the most beloved characters in the Borderlands franchise dies, sacrificing himself to save the others.


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