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Yugioh Master Duel Secret Pack List

What's the full list of Secret Packs in Master Duel?

Updated: Jan 27, 2022 1:42 pm
Yugioh Master Duel Secret Pack List

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Taking on the gaming world, the latest card-game simulator Yugioh Master Duel has amassed a big following already. With many TCG fans flocking to the digital game as well as old-school players who might have long since abandoned the game. And in a game that primarily focuses on deck-building and battling it out, you need to make sure your deck is the best. Although we have listed out the best and meta decks, sometimes you might want to make your own favourites.

However, when it comes to making decks in Master Duel, you need to either craft the cards or you can pull them from Secret Packs. Each Secret Pack will contain different Archetypes you can pull. So if you’re looking for a specific archetype, this is the secret Pack you want to look out for.

Secret Pack List

Secret PackArchetype(s)
A Song of Zephyr and PetalsMelodious, Windwitch
Abyssal UnderworldZombie World, Vendread, Wight
Advanced WarriorsDracoslayer, Igknight, Majespecter, Dinomist, Amorphage
AI Omniscience@Ignister
Altered HeraldryHeraldic Beast, CXyz
Artistic AngelThe Weather, Solfachord
Astral Trinity of GodsNordic
Awakening of the AncientsArtifact, Guardian
Beasts of the InfernoVolcanic, Hazy Flame
Beloved DollsMadolche, Doll Monster
Blazing FortitudeSalamangreat
Blazing WarriorsBattlin’ Boxer, Heroic
Blooming in AdversityAroma, Rikka
Bujin’s Vault of HeavenBujin
Captivating Curtain CallPerformapal
Celestial Dragon and BearDrytron, Ursarctic
Cell “A” CorruptionAlien
Champions of HopeUtopia, ZW –
Champions of SalvationTellarknight, Constellar
Colossal MechGimmick Puppet, Number 9: Dyson Sphere
Combatants of FlameLaval
Cosmic Mechanical EntitiesKrawler, Mekk-Knight, Knightmare, World Legacy
Counterswing MagesMagician
Cross-Dimensional ContractsD/D
Crystal SeptenaryCrystal Beast
Curse of the SerpentVenom, Reptilianne
Cyber City GuardiansVirtual World, Tindangle
Darkest MagicsDark Magician
Deceitful Wings of DarknessDarklord, Forbidden
Denizens of Sacred Tree GroveNaturia
Destiny’s SorceressFortune Fairy, Fortune Lady, Prediction Princess
Devastation RegeneratedScrap
Digital Bugs in CyberspaceDigital Bug
Draconic ResplendenceOdd-Eyes, Performapal
Dragon LusterStarry Knight, Dragonmaid, Felgrand
Dragon SpiritYang Zing, Tenyi
Dragon Knight GorgeDragunity
Dreadnought AdvanceInfinitrack, Train
Echo Chamber NationDogmatika, Tri-Brigade, Springans
ElectrilyricalAppliancer, Batteryman
Electron IllusionsAltergeist, Evil★Twin
Elemental ExchangesGenex
Emblazoned ArmorVylon
Emerging Monstrosity Recon!Danger!, Kaiju
Enchanted Threads of ShadeShaddoll, Zefra
Essence of Flora and OceanTrickstar, Marincess
Exquisite Jet-Black RoseRose
Fabled GodsFabled
Fiendish EncounterMagical Musket, Burning Abyss
Fiendish PlaythingsFluffal
Fires of This World and The NextMayakashi, Shiranui
Forest FriendsMelffy, Mystical Beast of the Forest
Forgotten City DwellersAtlantean, Mermail
Futuristic CreaturesT.G
Galaxy WarB.E.S., Kozmo
Gargantuan GearsAncient Gear
Glacial SealIce Barrier
Glory on WingsHarpie
Gods of Abyss and ArcadiaHieratic, Ogdoadic
Great Shogun’s RuleSix Samurai
Guardian of KingsGravekeeper’s
Guardians of FireFire Fist
Guardians of the Sacred SkyThe Agent, The Sanctuary in the Sky, Parshath, Solemn
Guided by the Noble KnightNoble Knight, Infernoble Knight, Noble Arms
Hand of FateArcana Force, Flower Cardian
Immortal RoyaltyVampire, Eldlich
Immovable SamuraiSuperheavy Samurai
Impending AssassinationTimelord, Meklord
Indomitable KnightsThe Phantom Knights, Supreme King
Inevitability of ChaosBlack Luster Soldier, Chaos
Insect MetamorphosisInzektor, Battlewasp
Interdimensional InterlopersDream Mirror, Nemeses, Metaphys
Invaders from Outer SpaceWorm, Graydle
Invulnerable Iron WingsRaidraptor
Iron Core SyntheticsKoa’ki Meiru
Justice Before AttributeAlly of Justice, Flamvell
Justice from LightLightsworn
Knowledge of the MythlordsEndymion, Mythical Beast
Legends of OldAncient Warriors, Fairy Tale, Fairy Tail
Life Finds a WayEvol, Myutant
Life Force Control SystemQli, Infernoid
Magnificence of AngelsValkyrie
Mastery of the GrimoireProphecy
Miraculous AdventMegalith, Herald, Impcantation, Ritual Monsters
Mischievous SpectersGhostrick
Monster OverdriveArmed Dragon, LV
Moonlit Avian DanceLunalight, Lyrilusc
Mother Nature’s SnareTraptrix, Hole
Natural SelectionCubic, Predaplant
Nebula CyclonePhoton, Galaxy
Neo Space ComradesNeo-Spacian, Elemental HERO
Number RecallNumber, Numeron
Onomatopair-UpZubaba, Gagaga, Gogogo, Dododo
Pearlescent Cyber DragonsCyber Dragon, Cyberdark
Pledge of SwordX-Saber, Poker Knights
Piercing WindsSimorgh, Mist Valley, Yosenju
Prank Panic!Prank-Kids, Ojama, Duston
Prehistoric Beast AdvanceDinosaur, Jurrac
Primordial RisingFossil, Paleozoic, Triamid
Pyroxene RelinquishedGem-Knight, Adamancipator
Rapid Aircraft AdvancementMecha Phantom Beast, Machina
Rites of the MirrorworldGishki, Nekroz
Roaring ThunderThunder Dragon, Watt
Roid NexusRoid
Roused from DestructionNephthys, Fire King, Unchained
Rulers of DarknessDark World, Lair of Darkness, Virus
Rulers of the DeepUmi, Phantasm Spiral
Savage Crimson DragonResonator, Red Dragon Archfiend
Scientific AnalysisMagnet Warrior, Bonding, Chemicritter
Scrap Iron SoldiersJunk, Warrior, Synchron
Secret FightersSPYRAL, Super Quant
Seedling Soul FeySylvan, Sunavalon
Seekers of WitchcraftMagistus, Invoked, Witchcrafter
Shark’s PrideShark
Shifting GearsGeargia, Gadget, Symphonic Warrior
Shot Through FictionRokket
Shrouded HeroesDestiny HERO, Vision HERO
Singular Strike OverthrowSky Striker, Mathmech
Soaring on Darkest WingsBlackwing
Soldiers from the StormCode Talker, Cyberse, Cynet
Souls of Sublime GodsCyber Angel, Shinobird, Dual Avatar
Space-Time TranscendentsS-Force, Time Thief, PSY-Frame
Spiritual MasteryCharmer
Stardust TiesSynchron, Stardust
Star-Studded FuturesCrusadia, Orcust, World Legacy
Supernatural ElementsMonarch, Elementsaber
Sword of the Seventh OneStar Seraph, Umbral Horror
Synchro Mode Change/Assault Mode
Terra Firma TranscendantsEarthbound Immortal, Malefic
The Azure in the IvoryBlue-Eyes
The Cerise in the EbonyRed-Eyes
The Cost of Dark PowersEvil Eye, Archfiend
The Darkness AmusesAmazement, Abyss Actor
The First HeroesElemental HERO
The Great OldsEgyptian God, Exodia
The Hidden ArtsNinja
The Infinite VoidInfernity
Those who Stand Against KingsMetalfoes, Crystron, Zoodiac
Three-Strike SuccessGouki, Dinowrestler
Ties to Mother NatureGusto, Ritual Beast
Timeworn LegaciesChronomaly
ToontasticToon, Relinquished
Tournament AthletesU.A., F.A.
Traditions of TrickeryKarakuri, Gizmek
Transfigured HeroesEvil HERO, Masked HERO, Xtra HERO
Transforming TechMorphtronic
Valiant Gladiator BeastsGladiator Beast
Vessels of FreedomFur Hire, Plunder Patroll
Warp-Speed ToysSpeedroid
Warriors of LegendGaia the Fierce Knight, Buster Blader
Warriors Unite!Amazoness, War Rock
Wind-Up SoldiersWind-Up, Deskbot
World Cloaked in Magical PowerSacred Beast, Wicked God, Entity, Yubel
Worthy AdversariesSubterror, Generaider
Yearning Evil BodyIswarm

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