How to add friends on Discord

Want to get a little Discord party on the go - we show you how to add your friends

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Discord is all about adding your friends and keeping in touch, no matter what you are doing at the time. If you need to find out how to add people to your own Discord app, you have come to the right place.

Method 1


Using the Discord Web App or website

It doesn’t really matter what you are using Discord on - PC, Mac, or even mobile, the interface stays pretty consistent no matter what.

Here we will use the Windows app as our baseline, but the process is pretty much the same whatever you are using.



Adding friends


Open Discord and click the Home icon in the top left

Under Direct Messages press the ADD FRIEND button


Add Their Discord tag


Now you will need to add in the Discord tag of who you are trying to add to your list so make sure you know it in advance.


Send Request


Once you have done this you can Send Request and your pal will be alerted at the other end of the internet!

Once they have accepted they will appear in your Friends List



Adding Friends via the Discord Mobile App

discord mobile


Add friends


Repeat the process above but just be aware the Friends tab is in the bottom menu this time


And it is as simple as that. Sometimes Discord changes its user interface but even if that happens in the future, we’d imagine the steps will stay pretty similar. Just look for the Add Friends box. The trickiest thing is perhaps knowing your friends’ Discord tag in the first place, so be sure to get that off them in advance.