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DualSense Edge battery life is worse than the original, here’s why

The DualSense Edge has a worse battery life than the normal PS5 controller, and we have a theory about it

Updated: Jan 23, 2023 9:36 am
DualSense Edge battery life is worse than the original, here’s why

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Sony’s DualSense Edge battery life might actually be worse than the original DualSense controller, however, there are understandable reasons for this.

The DualSense Edge is Sony’s first go at a ‘Pro’ controller, and it certainly got a professional price tag, coming in at $199. This isn’t actually all that expensive when compared to third-party alternatives from companies like SCUF. However, will people be happy to pay the premium when the DualSense Edge battery life is noticeably inferior to the regular controller?

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Like the third-party alternatives, the DualSense Edge features additional paddles on the underside of the controller, allowing the player to use utilised the fingers typically use just for holding the damn thing.

You also get a couple of function toggles, unlocking additional layers of keybinds. It would appear that the humble controller gets closer to a gaming keyboard every day.

Why is the DualSense Edge battery life worse than the normal DualSense controller?

You also get hot-swap joystick modules, allowing you to keep coming back to Sony to keep stick drift at bay. However, we don’t know whether all these new features can justify the lower battery life. After all, additional buttons can’t eat battery life that much, can they?

Well, dear reader, don’t be so patronizing with your preconceptions. We thought of that, and we reckon the extra features are affecting the battery life, albeit indirectly.

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We mentioned that the analog sticks are hot-swappable, which is great in theory, however, as the entire module slides out, they take up more room than usual. So, we don’t think that the extra inputs are draining the battery life.

Instead, we think that the physical implementation of these features has taken up so much room inside the controller that Sony has had to reduce the size of the battery. However, the PS5 can charge controllers when it’s in rest mode, so we don’t think that this is too big of a deal.

Ultimately, this means that you’ll get a reported 5 – 10 hours of battery life with the DualSense Edge, compared to the 12 – 15 hours of the standard PS5 controller.

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