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How to complete a Prayer for Salvation in Diablo 4 

Updated: Jul 24, 2023 6:00 pm
How to complete a Prayer for Salvation in Diablo 4 

The Prayer for Salvation is one of the many missions you must complete to progress the storyline. As you begin your journey in Diablo 4, in search of answers, you will be taken to various areas within the Sanctuary. Here you may meet simple people, monks, or merchants. 

Diablo 4 will make you enter ruins, dungeons, or shrines to stop the spreading darkness. You will partake in many side quests and make difficult choices, to see to the end of Lilith’s demonic reign.

To help you on your way, you can use various unique items, assign skills or change your class. But first, you may want to find out how to complete the Prayer for Salvation in Diablo 4. 

Diablo 4 – How to complete the quest Prayer for Salvation

To complete the quest Prayer for Salvation in Diablo 4you must unlock the Chapel door and inspect the Blood Petals. The Prayer for Salvation quest is the fifth prologue quest, which begins immediately after completing A Hero’s Reward. 

It is part of the Main Quests, which are mandatory to complete the storyline and reach the next difficulty level. The Prayer for Salvation quest will be part of Diablo 4 Act 1 prologue. 

To unlock the Chapel Door, you must go to Nevesk Chapel. You can find it in the Fractured Peaks in the Desolate Highlands. Once there, interact with Iosef. After interacting with the Priest in front of the Chapel, you must enter the Chapel. After you enter the Chapel, you will find Strange Petals. 

Now, inspect the Blood Petals by interacting with them. Once you interact with them, it a cutscene will begin with Lilith. After this, you must once again speak to Iosef outside the Chapel. Once you have talked to Iosef, you will complete the quest and receive Gold, Experience, and the Choker of Penance. 

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