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Elden Ring: Crucible Knight Boss guide

Say Knighty Knighty to this troublesome foe with our Elden Ring boss guide

Updated: Mar 28, 2022 12:37 am
Elden Ring: Crucible Knight Boss guide

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With few exceptions, the Crucible Knight is likely to be the hardest boss you encounter in Elden Ring’s Limgrave region. Boasting devastating attacks, a long reach, and even a second-stage power boost, this boss will likely cause you more trouble than either Margit or Godrick! Don’t worry though, we’ll help you take down the Crucible Knight with our Elden Ring boss guide.

How to find the Crucible Knight

The Crucible Knight can be found inside the Stormhill Evergaol. From the Stormhill Shack Site of Grace, ride south and then east onto the tip of the cliff. The Evergaol is easy enough to spot, despite the constant heavy winds.

How to beat the Crucible Knight

The Crucible Knight is a heavily armored foe with an impressive defense. But despite this, his reach is incredibly oppressive. The Knight will rarely grant you an opportunity to heal. You must ensure you have made as much space for yourself as possible before using your flask, otherwise, the Knight is likely to interrupt you and deal heavy damage to boot.

The Crucible Knight is capable of chaining multiple attacks together in quick succession. Never relax after a single sword swing, there are likely several more coming.

Despite his dedication to keeping his guard up, the Crucible Knight is vulnerable to being attacked from behind. If you have Sorceries available in Elden Ring, it is possible to use Homing Sorceries such as Magic Glintblade to break through this gap in the Knight’s defenses.

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Crucible Knight boss mechanics

  • The Crucible Knight will stomp the ground, sending out a shockwave and dislodging earth, dealing damage in a cone. This will often be followed up by a devastating forward lunge. This move is mostly used when harrying the Knight too much from the front.
  • The Knight will swing his blade downwards with two hands, cleaving anything in front of him.
  • The Knight will dash forward, swinging his blade in a horizontal sweep. This is done after equipping his shield.
  • The Boss will crouch low behind his shield, before rushing forward and using the shield to lift you up into the air.  Don’t attack him during this time, as he will take your hits without stopping.
  • When reduced past half its health, the boss will gain two new abilities. It can grow golden wings and fly into the air, before lunging at you across the battlefield. It can also produce a draconic tail and spin around, hitting everything within a wide area.

When defeated, the Crucible Knight will drop Aspects of the Crucible: Tail. A powerful incantation that allows you to mimic the Knight’s powerful tail sweep.

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