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Horizon Forbidden West Slitherfang Boss Guide

How to defeat Slitherfang in Horizon Forbidden West? Learn everything in this Slitherfang Boss Guide

Updated: Feb 25, 2022 11:32 am
Horizon Forbidden West Slitherfang Fight

Horizon Forbidden West is an awesome open world action game with RPG elements. It was just released exclusively on PlayStation consoles in PS4 and PS5. During your time with the game, you will encounter many machines, and combat is the most important aspect here. There are several bigger bosses in the game and in this article you will learn everything on the Slitherfang Boss in Horizon Forbidden West.

The Slitherfang Boss is first encountered in the prologue of the game in a mission called “Reach for the Stars”. It will be your first Boss encounter in the game, and it is not very challenging. After that, you will once again encounter this type of enemy in a harder version of this boss in the mission called “The Kalrut”. Enemies will conduct an attack on Memorial Grove, and it will end in Aloy fighting Slitherfang in a big battle arena.

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How to Beat Slitherfang Boss in Horizon Forbidden West?

Slitherfang is a snake-ish machine. It is pretty huge and agile. It is capable of coiling around ruins and structures.

  • Machine Level: 28
  • Weak to: Fire, Frost, and Plasma
  • Resistant to: Acid, Shock, and Purgewater
  • Explosive Parts: Metabite Sac and Purgewater Sac
  • Weak Parts: Data Nexus

This snake looking enemy is capable of a lot of quick attacks. It can also spit Acid in your direction. Your best bet is to run away and dodge it. Slitherfang can also fire pressurized streams of both acid and purgewater. You can take rid of that attack by targeting the Sacs on its throat. The machine can also fire bolts of lightning that deal Shock damage from its tail.

Before fighting, make sure to scan and highlight its weak spots. You can do this by holding R3, then selecting weak points by using left/right arrows on the d-pad and pressing the triangle button.

Make sure to use Frost to slow down the enemy and if you build up the effect it will cause the Brittle State onto an enemy. Then use your bow with the highest impact damage and target the Slitherfang that is under crowd control effect. It will take increased damage for the duration of this effect.

Horizon Forbidden West is out now on PS4 and PS5. You can buy the game on the official PS Store.

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