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How to get Mallowsweet in Hogwarts Legacy

Here's how to source some Mallowsweet Leaves

Updated: Feb 23, 2023 4:11 pm
How to get Mallowsweet in Hogwarts Legacy

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Hogwarts Legacy is the Harry Potter RPG fans had been waiting for a long time. Long gone are the days of the mediocre installments that were released alongside movies. Hogwarts Legacy takes a starkly different approach to the formula and introduces a new story to the players.

Thanks to the open-world and RPG mechanics, a certain amount of grinding is to be expected from the game. You’ll constantly find yourself hunting for the same resources in order to upgrade your gear, improve your stats, and learn some talents.

One of the major resources that you can’t get enough of have to be Mallowsweet Leaves. Let’s take a look at what they are and how you can get your hands on this precious resource.

What are Mallowsweet Leaves?

Expanding your storage is an indispensable need in Hogwarts Legacy. To upgrade the storage space for your inventory, you need a specific kind of ingredient called Mallowsweet Leaves. These are used to unlock Merlin Trials which in turn provide you with additional gear slots.

However, with so many Merlin Trials in the game, you will always find yourself in the dire need of more Mallowsweet Leaves over and over again.

How to get Mallowsweet Leaves in Hogwarts Legacy

There are two ways to get more of these leaves, and we shall take a look at both of them.


Initially, as part of the storyline, you’ll get your hands on a few leaves from Nora Treadwell. Afterward, you’ll have to source it on your own.

Like any other resource, you can find vendors selling Mallowsweet Leaves. The best place to buy it has to be the Magic Neep in the village of Hogsmeade. Simply head on over to the shop and you’ll be able to buy the leaves for 100 galleons a piece.

However, if you don’t want to go broke then your best bet would be to grow Mallowsweet Leaves of your own.

hogwarts legacy mallowsweet leaves vendor
Buying Mallowsweet Leaves directly from a vendor at The Magic Neep (image source: BGFG)

How to grow Mallowsweet Leaves

In order to go with the cheaper but more time-consuming option, you’ll have to see to these prerequisites first.

Room of Requirement

To grow Mallowsweet Leaves, make sure that the Room of Requirement is unlocked first. This room acts as your base of operations, and you can use it to brew potions and grow plants.

The Magic Neep

This shop in Hogsmeade is your go-to location for any plant-based resource. While you can buy the Mallowsweet Leaves here as well, we don’t want to do that. Instead, but some Mallowsweet Seeds. These will be used to grow your own Mallowsweet Leaves in the Room of Requirement.

Use the potting table

Assuming that you already have pots in which to grow plants, just place the seeds in any pot. That’s all you need to do, and soon enough the seed will grow into the precarious Mallowsweet Leaves.

If you don’t have a pot, then you’ll need to head over to Tomes and Scrolls near South Hogsmeade and pick up a potting table spellcraft which will allow you to conjure a potting table. Mallowsweet Leaves can be grown in a pot of any size.

hogwarts legacy grow mallowsweet leaves
Make sure you collect your Mallowsweet Leaves once they’ve grown (image source: BGFG)

Should I grow Mallowsweet Leaves in Hogwarts Legacy?

Once you have access to the Room of Requirement in Hogwarts Legacy, you should definitely start learning how to use to it’s maximum potential. Although it’s true that you can simply buy Mallowsweet Leaves from a vendor, this will be costly in the long run. There are Merlin Trials scattered all over the Hogwarts Legacy map – so you can run low on supplies fairly quickly.

That’s why it’s best to grow Mallowsweet Leaves for yourself when you can. Then you can move on to learning more and more about growing plants or even brewing potions in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to get Mallowsweet in Hogwarts Legacy : Final word

That’s everything you need to know if you’re in desperate need for Mallowsweet in Hogwarts Legacy.

Once you start to grow your own Mallowsweet Leaves, you’ll be able to do any Merlin Trial that you want to. Although they are a bit tiresome, the extra inventory space that comes as a reward is certainly worth the grind.

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