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The best Minecraft Youtubers to watch in 2022

Minecraft, but… it’s a YouTube video

Updated: Apr 11, 2022 1:08 pm
The best Minecraft Youtubers to watch in 2022

To celebrate Minecraft reaching one trillion YouTube views in December 2021, we look at some of the best Minecraft YouTubers, TikTokers and streamers to check out right now.

And, yes, this is definitely a subjective topic, so take everything we say with a pinch of salt. However, we are using research done by YouTube on their top Minecraft creators for 2021 mixed with a variation of genres and combined with classic personal opinion to form this list. To find out more about the YouTube and Minecraft stats, check out our article on that magnificent Minecraft milestone.

Aphmau — Minecraft roleplaying

Aphmau best Minecraft Youtubers 2021

Aphmau is currently the most-viewed Minecraft creator on YouTube, according to YouTube themselves. She has held that title since 2020, as well, so is certainly one to (still) watch heading into 2022, so is a no-brainer to top our list of the best Minecraft Youtubers.

Aphmau’s content is quite unique, which may be why she has built such a strong following over the years. Heading over to her channel, you’ll find a huge array of role-play videos all made within Minecraft gameplay. A lot of her videos will explore new mods, as well, such as the Daycare mod, a Grim Reaper mod and one-block skyblock survival, so there’s something for everyone within her colorful and entertaining storytelling.

Minecraft episodic roleplaying has certainly seen a huge surge in popularity this last year or so, with servers like Hermitcraft and the Dream SMP also receiving masses of views. However, these are often using Vanilla or close to vanilla Minecraft servers, and none are quite as original as Aphmau.

Kelpie The Fox – The coziest content

kelpiethefox best minecraft youtubers

A real up-and-comer in the Minecraft YouTube community is Kelpie The Fox, who YouTube highlight in their Culture & Trends “The Cozy Corner of Minecraft” article. In almost complete contrast to the high-energy videos of Aphmau, Kelpie’s videos are music-only tutorials, featuring stress-relieving, low-fi tunes and no voice over. The peaceful nature of the walkthroughs mean you can simply relax and watch Kelpie create stunning and easily-replicable Minecraft builds in front of your eyes. Most of Kelpie’s builds are in the popular cottagecore or fairytale-esque styles, and look even more beautiful with some of the best Minecraft texture packs available.

Hermitcraft – Episodic, Multiplayer server storytelling

Hermitcraft best Minecraft youtubers

We’ve cheated here, as Hermitcraft isn’t one creator or channel, but rather a bunch of them playing together on one vanilla Minecraft server. Similar to Aphmau in that Hermitcraft is an episodic series, but different in that it’s a far larger world, in which you can choose to watch from the point of view of over 20 Hermits as their stories play out and intertwine.

Hermitcraft actually isn’t anything new. It has been going since 2012, and is now in its eighth season. Some Hermits have left since the beginning, some have joined – including GeminiTay and PearlescentMoon who both only started this season. Grian and Mumbo Jumbo are among the most well-known Hermits on YouTube, while the likes of Iskall85, TangoTek and Keralis provide much of the entertainment. If you’re looking for production value, then look no further than RenDog or ZedaphPlays, while BDoubleO100 is just wholesome and hilarious. We’ll have to leave it to you to find your favorite Hermit to follow, as there are just too many hours of content to be able to follow them all.

Jake Fellman – Short-form Animation

jake fellman
From Jake Fellman “Burning Bones”

Now, of course there are Minecraft creators capitalizing on a world where TikTok is taking over and short-form content is king, and this is where Jake Fellman enters our list. Another one of YouTube’s top-viewed Minecraft creators of 2021, but who’s content is perhaps better viewed on his TikTok channel, Jake Fellman doesn’t actually make his videos in Minecraft. Instead, they – or at least some of them – are Minecraft-themed animations of the highest standard.

Following the announcement of Minecraft RTX, Fellman started making videos that were supposedly made with this new, lifelike, improved graphic setting, and his creepy-but-incredible Minecraft RTX series was born. You’ll never look at Minecraft mobs like Creepers and Endermen the same way again.

Admittedly, Fellman has completed his Minecraft series with 100 videos available, and is now working on the likes of Five Nights at Freddy’s. But with new updates coming to Minecraft all the time, you never know when he might be inspired to start making some new content with some of the new Minecraft features that get introduced.

CaptainSparklez – Maps, Multiplayer and Minecraft, but…

CaptainSparklez best Minecraft Youtubers

Jordan Maron, or CaptainSparklez, might have seen his crown as the ultimate Minecraft YouTuber slip over the last few years with young upstarts like Dream and Georgenotfound coming up behind him, but he’s still worthy of making this list.

One of the original Minecraft content creators to make it big, CaptainSparklez was smashing YouTube records while Dream was still in diapers (probably). The man behind “Creeper! Aw, man” has been going for over a decade, and is still putting out regular Minecraft content for over 11 million subscribers.

The reason we’ve included the Cap in our list of top Minecraft Youtubers is because of his range of content. Unlike other creators who have a particular style or theme, Sparklez covers a bunch of genres, including episodic ‘Minecraft, but…’ series, Minecraft map showcases, modded multiplayers, and let’s not forget the parodies that started it all. Plus, he’s kind of the adorably wholesome big brother to newbies like Tubbo and Crumb and we’re here for it.

Minecraft Championships — All your fave content creators compete!

Minecraft Championships Noxcrew best Minecraft Youtubers

This is a bit of a bonus addition, because – again – it’s not a creator or channel, but it does bring 40 of the best Minecraft creators together each month in an all-out test of titans. Minecraft Championship (MCC) was created by NoxCrew, the incredible team behind some of the best and most popular Minecraft adventure maps of all time, and pits ten teams of four YouTubers and streamers together in an incredible selection of mini-games.

Season 2 of Minecraft Championships is currently underway, and will continue sometime in early 2022 after a break. Despite being in the middle of a “season,” each Championship battle is a stand-alone event and the teams even get rotated, so there is no reason not to jump in, even if you’ve not watched it before. With the likes of the Dream Team, the Hermits, Philza, Ranboo, Quackity, and even CaptainSparklez taking place most months, there’s surely someone for you to cheer on in the Dodge Bolt stadium.

So that’s our list of the best Minecraft Youtubers and content creators right now, but it only scratches the surface of Minecraft content out there. Again, this is kind of subjective, so let us know in the comments if we’ve missed out your recommended Minecraft content creator for the year ahead. Or, if you agree with us, let us know who your top pick of our list is!

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