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How to customize your Minecraft skin on Bedrock edition

Forget Alex and Steve, make your own unique Minecraft skin on console and Windows PC

Updated: Apr 27, 2022 4:00 pm
Custom Minecraft skin in Bedrock edition console Windows

Every Minecraft world is different, so why shouldn’t your Minecraft skin be unique too? While Java edition skins have been fully customizable for some time, there are now more customization options for Bedrock edition than ever.

Somewhat confusingly, there are two main versions of Minecraft; Java and Bedrock. If you play Minecraft on Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo consoles, you’ll be playing Bedrock edition by default. Bedrock edition is also available on Windows PC. Minecraft fans have been begging for complete parity between the editions, and while the Mojang teams have now made the versions as similar as possible, there are still some major differences. One of those is avatar customization.

So how do you change your skin in Minecraft Bedrock edition?

Character Creator

The best way to create something completely unique is by using the Minecraft Character Creator. This is accessible from the main menu in Minecraft Bedrock edition, by clicking the button under your current Minecraft Skin, labelled Dressing Room.

Minecraft Character Creator change skin bedrock

When you access the dressing room, you are restricted by specific customization items, but there are so many options that you can create something completely unique to you. Start off by choosing your skin tone, hair style and even facial features, before moving on to a wide choice of clothing options.

Most of the customization items are only available through in-game purchases with Minecoins, but there are some that you can get for free, as well. More character items are added frequently, especially during events or occasions, with a lot of these special items free to claim for a time.

Minecraft Marketplace

There is a second (and easiest) way to get yourself some excellent Minecraft skins in Bedrock edition, and that’s through the Marketplace. The Minecraft Marketplace is exclusive to Bedrock edition and is an in-game store of content like maps and texture packs to completely overhaul your Minecraft experience. Marketplace content is made by people in the Minecraft community, and is purchasable with Minecoins, while there is the occasional free item, too.

Minecraft Marketplace skin packs Bedrock

A massive section of the Minecraft Marketplace is dedicated to Skin packs. While these may not be completely unique as anyone can purchase the packs, there is such a huge range that you’re unlikely to come across anyone wearing the same skin as you. What’s more, they’re ready to go and usually incredibly detailed, so are definitely the simplest way to get the Minecraft skin you really want.

How to equip a Minecraft Marketplace Skin

The process of equipping your Minecraft avatar with a Marketplace skin is pretty simple. Firstly, you have to get the pack you want. As mentioned, sometimes these may be free, but you’ll most likely have to buy it with Minecoins, the in-game currency. The prices will vary depending on the pack you choose, but with everything from Emo Anime Teens to Pastel Monsters, there’s surely something for everyone.

Once you’ve purchased your skin pack, you’ll be able to equip any one of the skins directly from the pack’s Marketplace page as you can see in the image below. If you then want to change your Minecraft skin in the future, you can easily access all of your previously purchased skin packs by clicking on the My Content button at the top of the Marketplace screen.

Equip Minecraft Marketplace custom skin Bedrock

Currently, you can even dress up like your favorite Minecraft Youtuber. To celebrate Minecraft hitting a massive one trillion views on YouTube, you can grab the YouTuber Skin Pack on the Minecraft Marketplace absolutely free!

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