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NBA 2K24 archetypes

Updated: Sep 20, 2023 12:43 pm
NBA 2K24 archetypes

Archetypes are back in NBA 2K24. Every player, whether it’s your own in MyCAREER or MyPLAYER, or an existing NBA superstar in MyNBA, has an archetype. It describes what they’re good at and what mold they fit with. It impacts their gameplay and affects how they can earn badges and boosts. Here’s the full list of types available.

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What NBA 2K24 archetypes are there?

There are different archetypes available for different positions. It’s hard to be a “2 Way 3 PT Facilitator” as a center, for example. Here are the archetypes that two-way players, meaning those who are good on both offense and defense, can get:

  • 2 Way 3 Level Facilitator
  • 2 Way 3 Level Point Forward
  • 2-Way 3-Level Scorer
  • 2 Way 3 Level Shot Creator
  • 2 Way 3 PT Facilitator
  • 2 Way 3 PT Playmaker
  • 2 Way 3 PT Shot Creator
  • 2 Way Balanced Scorer
  • 2 Way Break Starter
  • 2 Way Diming 3 PT Shooter
  • 2 Way Diming Big
  • 2 Way Diming Finisher
  • 2 Way Diming Middy Specialist
  • 2 Way Diming Outside Scorer
  • 2 Way Facilitator
  • 2 Way Finisher
  • 2 Way Floor General
  • 2 Way Inside Out Combo Guard
  • 2 Way Inside Out Creator
  • 2 Way Inside Out Playmaker
  • 2 Way Inside Out Point Forward
  • 2 Way Inside Out Scorer
  • 2 Way Inside The Arc Scorer
  • 2 Way Mid Range Maestro
  • 2 Way Mid Range Shooter
  • 2 Way Mid Range Specialist
  • 2 Way Pass First Guard
  • 2 Way Pass First Point
  • 2 Way Pass First Wing
  • 2 Way Playmaker
  • 2 Way Playshot
  • 2 Way Post Playmaker
  • 2 Way Scoring Machine
  • 2 Way Sharpshooter
  • 2 Way Shooter
  • 2 Way Shot Creator
  • 2 Way Skilled Stretch Four
  • 2 Way Skilled Stretch Five
  • 2 Way Slasher
  • 2 Way Slashing Playmaker
  • 2 Way Slashing Shot Creator
  • 2 Way Stretch Four
  • 2 Way Stretch Five
  • 2 Way Stretch Glass Cleaner
  • 2 Way Stretch Playmaker
  • 2 Way Tempo Pusher
  • 2 Way Threat

The “Three and D” player is an archetype of NBA player. For example, Klay Thompson, Paul George, Kawhi Leonard and others are or have been considered that type of archetype. NBA 2K24 takes it further with the following:

  • 3 & D Guard
  • 3 & D Off Guard
  • 3 & D Point
  • 3 & D Two Guard
  • 3 & D Wing

Players who can shoot and score well are known as three-level players and can be:

  • 3 Level Playmaker
  • 3 Level Scorer
  • 3 Level Scoring Glass Cleaner
  • 3 Level Shot Creator
  • 3 PT Combo Guard
  • 3 PT Playmaker
  • 3 PT Shooter
  • 3 PT Shot Hunter
  • 3 PT Specialist

Elite passers, known for dropping dimes and having high passing attributes, can get these archetypes:

  • Diming 3 & D Guard
  • Diming 3 & D Two Guard
  • Diming 3 Level Scorer
  • Diming Finisher
  • Diming Glass Cleaner
  • Diming Inside Out Scorer
  • Diming Inside The Arc Scorer
  • Diming Outside Scorer
  • Diming Paint Beast

Big men often excel at getting offensive rebounds, or cleaning the glass can be:

  • Glass Cleaner
  • Glass Cleaning Dimer
  • Glass Cleaning Finisher
  • Glass Cleaning Lockdown
  • Glass Cleaning Shot Creator

Players who can play at the rim and on the perimeter have unique types available to them:

  • Inside Out Combo Guard
  • Inside Out Facilitator
  • Inside Out Playmaker
  • Inside Out Glass Cleaner
  • Inside Out Scorer
  • Inside Out Shot Creator

Those who remain on the interior for the most part, such as rim protectors, can have these archetypes:

  • Interior Big
  • Interior Finisher
  • Interior Force
  • Interior Playmaker
  • Inside The Arc Glass Cleaner
  • Lob Threat

The mid-range in the NBA is a dying area of the floor, but some shooting guard players and small forwards still excel there. They will fall into one of these:

  • Mid Interior Facilitator
  • Mid Range Finisher
  • Mid Range Maestro
  • Mid Range Playmaker
  • Mid Range Shooter
  • Mid Range Slasher
  • Mid Range Specialist

Offensive stars can get a lot of different archetypes:

  • Offense-Heavy Five
  • Offense Initiator
  • Offensive Minded Wing
  • Offensive Orientated Four
  • Offensive Orientated Five
  • Offensive Threat

Playmakers, also known as players who can score for themselves and set up teammates with ease, have a few different versions:

  • Playmaking 3 Level Scorer
  • Playmaking Glass Cleaner
  • Playmaking Four
  • Playmaking Five
  • Playmaking Paint Beast
  • Playmaking Perimeter Creator
  • Playmaking Shot Creator
  • Playmaking Slasher
  • Rugged Playmaker

Those who excel at rebounding, not necessarily centers, can be one of these. They’re generally a post player but do not have to be:

  • Rebounder
  • Rebounding Guard
  • Rebounding Point
  • Rebounding Wing

Guards, whether a shooter like Steph Curry or a defender like Patrick Beverley, can have these as well:

  • Scoring Machine
  • Scrappy Point
  • Scrappy Two Guard
  • Scrappy Wing
  • Secondary Ball Handler

Shooters can fall into one of these categories:

  • Sharpshooter
  • Sharpshooting Facilitator
  • Sharpshooting Shot Creator
  • Shooter

Those who block shots particularly well, whether a point guard or a forward, can get either Shot Blocking Guard or Shot Blocking Wing.

Other archetypes for players include:

All Around 2 WayAll Around
Athletic FinisherOffense
Back to Basket BigDefense
Balanced Offensive PointOffense
Balanced ScorerOffense
Ball HawkDefense
Deep Range Shot CreatorOffense
Defender / RebounderDefense
Defensive AnchorDefense
Face Up FourOffense
Face Up Glass CleanerOffense
Face Up PlaymakerOffense
Facilitating 3 Level 2 WayAll Around
Facilitating FinisherOffense
Facilitating ShooterOffense
Finesse FinisherOffense
Floor Spacing SlasherOffense
Handles / PassingOffense
Hybrid DefenderDefense
Jack of All TradesAll Around
Lockdown DefenderDefense
Multi Position DefenderDefense
Paint DefenderDefense
Paint BeastAll Around
Pass-First BigOffense
Passing and Ball HandlingOffense
Perimeter DefenderDefense
Perimeter LockdownDefense
Point of Attack StopperDefense
Point Power ForwardOffense
Post PlaymakerOffense
ProspectAll Around
Shot Creating Perimeter ThreatOffense
Shot CreatorOffense
Skilled Defensive AnchorDefense
Skilled Glass CleanerOffense
Skilled Interior ForceOffense
Slashing PlaymakerOffense
Small Ball WingOffense
Small Ball FourOffense
Stretch DimerOffense
Stretch FacilitatorOffense
Stretch FourOffense
Stretch FiveOffense
Stretch Glass CleanerOffense
Stretch PlaymakerOffense
Tempo Pushing GuardOffense
Versatile Offensive ForceOffense
Versatile Paint BeastAll Around
Well Rounded GuardAll Around
Well Rounded WingAll Around
Well Rounded FourAll Around

NBA 2K24 is out for PlayStation 5, PC, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Get on the court with your unique play style, try some dribble moves, make a driving layup, and more with these excellent archetypes. They are available for every game mode, with different takeovers coming for players who have different ones.

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