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Alienware AW3423DW: Release date, pricing, specs, latest news

The latest news, prices, specs, and updates for Alienware's hugely impressive 34 inch AW3423DW gaming monitor

Updated: Apr 26, 2022 12:01 pm
Alienware AW3423DW: Release date, pricing, specs, latest news

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Last updated: April 5th, 2022 – Pre-order the AW3423DW in the UK for £1,099. Expected delivery August.
Last updated: Feb 11th, 2022 – Dell finally announces an official price tag of $1,300 ($1,650 Canada) for the AW3423DW- both of which will launch this spring.

This year’s CES 2022 looks like it might be one to remember for display enthusiasts. Alongside a tonne of high-performance 1440p 360Hz gaming monitors, CES also showcased new ultrawide monitors from tech giants Alienware and Samsung.

The former has been labeled as the Alienware AW3423DW – a high-performance refresh of the brand’s popular AW3420DW – that looks set to be the ‘world’s first QD-OLED gaming monitor‘.

With plenty of hype surrounding the new ultrawide gaming monitor, we’ll be keeping this page bang up to date with all the latest release dates, prices, specs, and press releases.

Here’s everything we know about the Alienware AW3423DW right now.

Alienware AW3423DW release date: What we know so far

Right now, the Alienware AW3423DW is being listed in China with an initial release date of March 2nd. The North American market will have to wait until March 29th for the new 34 inch ultrawide to hit shelves, with UK consumers only able to pre order from the 5th of April.

As of today, consumers will be able to head over to Dell’s American storefront and purchase the AW3423DW for the leaked price of $1,299. Delivery times for the States look to be around the last week of June, with small variations depending on location.


AW3423DW UK pre order

UK consumers can also pre order the new AW3423DW now, with prices set at £1,099. That said, the UK market will have to wait a little longer for the new QD-OLED panel, with delivery dates now available for August.

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Alienware AW3423DW specifications

Since its announcement at CES, we’ve seen plenty of information released regarding the features and specs of Alienware’s latest panel. With pre orders now live, we now have a full specifications list for the anticipated AW3423DW.

Below are the latest Alienware AW3423DW specs:

  • 34″ screen size
  • Panel technology – QD-OLED
  • 3440 x 1440p resolution
  • 1800R curvature (expected)
  • 21:9 aspect ratio
  • 175Hz refresh rate
  • 1 million:1 contrast ratio
  • 250 nits (standard) 1000 nits (Peak)
  • 0.1ms G2G response time quoted
  • Adaptive-sync for VRR from NVIDIA and AMD systems
  • 99.3% DCI-P3, 149% sRGB, VESADisplay, HDR TrueBlack 400 certification
  • QD-OLED panel technology (Quantum Dot OLED)
  • 2x HDMI, 1x DisplayPort, 3x USB 3.2, audio line-out, headphone
  • AlienFX lighting, TUV-certified ComfortView Plus, gaming and creator modes

Looking at the specifications of this thing, it’s clear that Alienware isn’t messing around. That is easily one of the most impressive ultrawide monitors we’ve had the pleasure of seeing – featuring blistering 0.1ms response times, 175Hz refresh rates, and incredibly wide color gamuts capable of 149% sRGB (99.3% DCI-P3).

Most exciting, however, is the arrival of QD-OLED technology within gaming monitors. For those unaware, QD-OLED is a new panel technology that merges the best benefits of Quantum Dot with the best features of OLED. That’s right, we’re talking perfect blacks and stunning HDR with new levels of peak brightness, contrast, and color accuracy.

To please gamers, we can also expect Nvidia G-Sync ultimate certification and an array of built-in OSD game modes too.

CES monitor and TV announcements

Dell announce Alienware AW3423DW price

The latest updates surrounding the Alienware AW3423DW are that it will cost buyers around $1,300 ($1,650 Canada). The news was leaked by Dell today and was met by surprise thanks to claims of a much higher price tag.

The company’s 55 inch OLED gaming monitor originally hit shelves for around $4,000 – leading many enthusiasts to believe that a similarly high price tag would be expected for the Alienware AW3423DW. In a surprising turn of events, however, the new QD-OLED monitor (branded as the world’s first QD-OLED monitor) will actually be considerably cheaper than what insiders first thought.

Let’s not forget, QD-OLED is the latest technology on the market, featuring the best factors of both Quantum Dot and OLED technologies. For that reason alone, we would likely expect a higher price tag.

Uk pricing for the Alienware AW3423DW has also been announced, with the new QD-OLED panel hitting shelves for an impressive £1,099.

Alienware AW3423DW trailer

Should you buy the Alienware AW3423DW when it releases?

So, there you have it, everything we currently know about Alienware’s new AW3423DW gaming monitor. The only thing left to answer is whether or not you should buy this when it finally hits shelves.

I suppose that all comes down to what you prioritize in a gaming monitor. It’s safe to say that this thing will be one of the best all-round visual experiences in the market. It features a glorious 1800R curved ‘world’s first QD-OLED panel technology’ display – boasting incredible color accuracy alongside high-end refresh rates and response times.

That said, we’ll have to wait for the price to be unveiled before we can say whether or not it’s worth your hard-earned cash. One thing is for sure, as soon as we can get our hands on one, we’ll be putting it to the test in our comprehensive review process.

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