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Glorious Model I gaming mouse announced: What we know so far, specs, potential public release date

The Model I is going to have some very nice specs

Updated: Apr 13, 2022 9:23 am
glorious model I feat

PC gaming enthusiasts will be familiar with Glorious PC Gaming Race. This manufacturer has experienced a quick rise and is one of the most highly venerated peripheral manufacturers out there, we actually reviewed their Model O- recently and absolutely loved it. A couple of days ago Glorious tweeted the announcement of their new flagship gaming mouse, the Model I.

Glorious appears to be having a busy period as of late, with the release of the GMMK 2 taking Twitter by storm, and now this, the new Model I mouse. Given the critical success of their Model O and Model D series of gaming mice, the Model I has a lot to live up to, they haven’t revealed much, but here is what we know so far.

Glorious Model I potential public release date

Since 2021, Glorious has been running their ‘guild’ program which that grants special benefits to members, depending on how much they’ve spent on the Glorious website. The Model I will ship on 14 April for Glorious guild members, but when will the public be able to pre-order the Model I?

Well, going off of the release of the GMMK 2 release dates, you won’t have to wait too long to pre-order the Glorious Model I. There were 6 days between Glorious Guild pre-orders and public pre-orders, and we have no reason to think they will deviate from this spacing between dates for the Model I, so we think that public pre-orders for the Model I will open over the next few days, potentially the beginning of next week.

Glorious Model I gaming mouse specs

No specific numbers have been released as of yet, but there are a few different images floating around and we can make some inferences from previous Glorious gaming mice.

We can definitely expect a return of the acclaimed Pixart 3360 sensor from previous models, and potentially an upgrade to the currently Logitech-exclusive 3389, brand agreements notwithstanding. From marketing imagery, it would also appear that the Model I will come in at a very nice weight of 69g. This puts it firmly within the lightweight category but falls just short of the ultralight. However, there is an explanation for this.

glorious model I

From this image, we can see some interesting features, some of which fans have been clamoring over for years now. Depending on who you ask it’s disappointingly wired, however, we wouldn’t be surprised to see a wireless variant, as this has happened with the previous generation of mice from Glorious. however the most interesting part of the Model I appears to be the right-hand side thumb rest, similar to those we’ve seen from the Logitech G502 and Razer Basilisk.

There are also two additional thumb-side buttons, one of which slips in behind the two we saw on the Model O, and another one that is positioned perfectly to act as a DPI shift button. For the uninitiated, this allows the DPI to be lowered for the duration of the button press, usually used to lower DPI for sniping on the fly, without having to manually change it. Additionally, there seem to be different shapes/sizes of these buttons included for hot-swapping and customization.

Model O, D, I, N?

For those of you who are curious to keep updated, Glorious has a mailing list sign-up on their website, positioned below the word ‘ODIN’ This hints to the next mouse being named the model N, completing a four-mouse lineup spelling out the name of the father of Thor. We aren’t sure how much to read into this, other than assuming Glorious was searching for the coolest name they could think of that started with an O and a D. Regardless, we’ll be keeping a weather eye on any news about the Model I, and will keep you swiftly updated. Nice.

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