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Razer teased a new product and we think it’s the Viper Mini Wireless

We might finally be getting a Razer Viper Mini Wireless

Updated: Jan 30, 2023 4:10 pm
Razer viper mini wireless release date

Fans of small mice, rejoice, as we might finally be getting a Razer Viper Mini Wireless release date. Yes, indeed, the rabid and underserved small mouse community might just be getting what they want.

The announcement of a Razer Viper Mini Wireless would be a massive deal for the enthusiasts out there, as smaller versions of popular mice are rare enough, and wireless variations even more so.

razer viper mini wireless

Additionally, if you take a look over at r/mousereview and r/razer, you’ll find a huge number of people 100% totally committed to the Razer Viper Mini, and they all seem to lament that there is no wireless variant.

It is confusing, to be honest, why would Razer release what turned out to be one of the best gaming mouse shapes, and hold out on a wireless version? Well, luckily Twitter might have the answer here, just like they did when Razer teased the DeathAdder V3 Pro.

Razer Viper Mini Wireless release date speculation

Razer viper mini wireless release date 1
Twitter user @dvanw6 provided a lightened version of Razer’s teaser image.

The tactical application of photoshop has revealed a honeycomb mouse design, something that Razer has avoided until now.

Looking more closely at the image we can see that it appears to be a close-up of the central section of the mouse shell with the left and right mouse buttons clearly visible at the top of the image.

Additionally, you can see a portion of the circuit board cloaked in shadow to the right of the image, supporting our theory that it’s definitely the new Razer mouse.

We don’t typically like honeycomb mice here at WePC. It’s a reliable way to make light gaming mice, but the aesthetics leave something to be desired, additionally, the interior tends to accumulate granules very quickly.

However, given that the existing Razer Viper Mini was already very small and very light (61g), we think that a honeycomb approach was the only way of preserving the size and weight of this fan favorite. After all, making a mouse wireless requires the addition of a battery and a transceiver, which can both be heavy, especially the battery.

The image that Razer posted on Twitter is accompanied by the caption ‘OUR OBSESSION’, and a date reading 02/02/2023. So, we’ll update this page as and when we know more leading up to that date.

Of course, we still don’t know for sure, but its definitely a mouse, and the only mouse from Razer’s lineup that would need such a weight-loss regime is the Viper Mini Wireless

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