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Is Meta Quest Pro wireless?

Is the Meta Quest Pro Wireless? We take a look

Updated: Oct 26, 2022 11:06 am
Is Meta Quest Pro wireless?

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The Meta Quest Pro is as wireless as the Meta Quest 2. The headset does not require an external device for use because of its long-lasting battery, which again can be charged with a wireless charging dock. So, is the Meta Quest Pro wireless? Yes. Yes, it is. However we’ve been asked this question a lot, so we thought we’d answer it to clear up any confusion.

The controls have built-in sensors making it possible to track their position in 3D space, independent of the headset.

This is a big improvement over the Meta Quest 2 as it means that you won’t experience any dead zones, this is a particularly big advantage when it comes to gaming and exercise. Additionally, with the Meta Quest Pro being 4K (sort of), it might just be the best VR gaming headset out there.

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The Wireless headset

The Meta Quest Pro headset comes with innovative features. It is sleeker, more efficient, and more advanced compared to the Meta Quest 2.

Moreover, it does not require any wired connections and can be used wirelessly. This gives you freedom of movement as the peripheral vision is not blocked by the open periphery design.

You can easily switch between the virtual and the real world. To be completely immersed in the game, you can use magnetic partial light blockers, sold separately at a cost of $50.

The headset comes with an in-built rechargeable battery that can be used with a charging dock. This enables you to charge the headset wirelessly in addition to its wireless use.

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The Self-Tracking Controls

Controls are crucial parts of a better VR experience and functionality. The Meta Quest Pro controls are touch sensitive and use Meta’s Tru Touch Haptic System.

These controls are completely wireless and have an in-built rechargeable battery similar to the headset. Moreover, the controls can also be charged with the wireless charging dock.

The Meta Quest Touch Pro Controllers can function independently of the headset, and their position can be tracked in 3D space. These controls are built using advanced architecture and engineering design.

Meta Quest Pro has some of the most advanced features and improves the whole VR experience ten folds. The inbuilt sensors of the controls and over 10 Cameras and sensors of the headset provide a more interactive and responsive environment.

The awkwardness of being in VR is also eliminated with the improved tracking of eye moments and facial expressions, allowing you to communicate better with your friends via the metaverse avatars.

Is the Meta Quest Pro wireless?

Yes. However the battery life is limited to around 2 hours max. Additionally, you can optionally use the Link cable (sold separately) to take advantage of the power of a PC.

How much does the Meta Quest Pro cost?

The Meta Quest Pro currently retails for $1500/£1500/€1700.

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