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Best gaming mouse for Rainbow Six Siege (R6S)

Find the best gaming mouse for Rainbow Six Siege right here

Updated: Feb 6, 2023 1:25 pm
Best gaming mouse for Rainbow Six Siege (R6S)

Rainbow Six Siege (R6S) is one of the most popular tactical shooter video games. If you are an R6S player, then you know that the best gaming mouse for Rainbow Six Siege requires precision for aiming, responsiveness for quick reflexes, and a lightweight to move freely.

Released in 2015, Rainbow Six Siege is a highly rated tactical shooter video game with a quite difficult learning curve. But if you have the right gear, mastering this game won’t seem as difficult anymore.

In this article, we will reveal the best gaming mouse for Rainbow Six Siege so you have the right hardware by your side when mastering this game. So let’s dive right in!

Best Gaming Mouse for Rainbow Six Siege: Razer DeathAdder Elite

Highly Recommended

Razer DeathAdder Elite

Razer Deathadder Elite




3389 (optical)





The Razer DeathAdder Elite is one of the most responsive and robust mice that proves to be an ideal choice for Rainbow Six Siege. This mouse boasts an esports-level optical sensor that offers a maximum DPI of 16,000. So you can easily track your enemy operators when they move between doorways.

Since R6S is a game that values accurate ADS gameplay, you will be happy to learn that the DeathAdder Elite’s optical sensor cuts down on pixel skipping.

However, our favorite part about this mouse has to be the 7 programmable buttons that are perfect for mapping to your gadgets of choice. You can even assign these buttons to the fire mode switch or prone and crouch to take amazing shots.

Overall, the DeathAdder Elite is a perfect mouse for R6S. It has a premium build, zero tracking issues, and a comfortable shape for medium or large hands. It is definitely the best mouse for Rainbow Six Siege.

Best Budget-Friendly Gaming Mouse for Rainbow Six Siege: SteelSeries Rival 3

SteelSeries Rival 3 Gaming Mouse

SteelSeries Rival 3 Gaming Mouse

Hyper durable materials

Engineered with high-grade polymer for durability

60 million click mechanical switches

To feel crisp from the first click to the last

True move core optical gaming sensor

True 1 to 1 tracking 8 500 cpi 300 ips 35 gram acceleration

Comfortable ergonomic construction

Ergonomically designed to provide comfort for intense gaming sessions

Brilliant prism lighting

Redesigned lighting provides 3 zones of 16 8 million beautifully crisp colors

The SteelSeries Rival 3 is a right-handed mouse ideal for extended gaming sessions. It has an ergonomic design and comfortable shape with a soft-touch coating on the top that feels really nice. This shape is ideal for all grip styles.

Although a budget mouse, this model does not look or feel cheap. It has a great build quality and is really light, weighing only 2.7 ounces. 

The Rival 3 comes with six buttons, including a DPI switch. All of the buttons are quite easy to reach as this mouse has a small design. What’s more, each button has a good tactile sense. 

The Rival 3 comes with the company’s TrueMove Core sensor that allows a DPI of up to 8,500. What’s more, the movements you make using this mouse will be really precise and accurate with no lag. 

Overall, it is a really nicely-built mouse at quite a cheap price. It is the best budget mouse for Rainbow Six Siege, both in terms of comfort and performance.

What makes a mouse good for Rainbow Six Siege (R6S)?

There are a few key details you’ll want to focus on when picking out a mouse for Rainbow Six Siege. As a competitive first person shooter, you obviously need something precise and ergonomic. A high-quality sensor, as well as support for high DPI settings makes for a great gaming mouse. These two factors will help you improve accuracy and overall consistency throughout your R6S gameplay.

We mention ergonomics because comfort is key when you’re primarily using your mouse during gameplay. Extra programmable buttons are also useful if you wish to bind weapons or gadgets directly on to your mouse to avoid hindering your movement on keyboard.

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