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Why can’t I cast Scholar’s Armament in Elden Ring?

Struggling to buff your weapon? We can tell you why.

Updated: Jan 20, 2023 9:17 am
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Have you found yourself asking: why can’t I cast Scholar’s Armament in Elden Ring? Well, we’ve put together exactly all the information you need to know to make yourself a master spellcaster.

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If you’re running the fabled ‘spellsword’ class in Elden Ring, then you may have run into a certain problem. One thing this class relies heavily on is the ability to infuse their sword with magical energy so you get better scaling off of your intelligence stat, typically using a spell called Scholar’s Armament. However, there are several circumstances that may prevent you from casting this very necessary spell. So if you’ve ever asked “Why can’t I cast Scholar’s Armament in Elden Ring?” then we have the answers that you crave.

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Why can’t I cast Scholar’s Armament in Elden Ring?

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If you notice that Scholar’s Armament is greyed out, then there are a few things that you’ll need to check before you can actually cast the spell. Firstly, make sure that you’re holding a staff in your left hand, and a sword in your right hand. You can’t buff a sword if it’s in your left hand, even if you have a staff in your right one. The next thing you’ll need to check is if you have the FP (focus points) to actually cast the spell. Scholar’s Armament costs 25FP per cast, so make sure you have enough.

The other major factor at play is the weapon you’re trying to buff. If you’ve changed the Ash of War, then it won’t work. You need to make sure that the weapon you’re casting Scholar’s Armament on still has the original damage type and weapon art or the spell will fail to cast. There are also certain weapon types that won’t accept the buff either. Any special weapon, such as the Reduvia dagger can’t be buffed, but regular versions can. For instance, the scythe can be buffed, but the winged scythe can’t.

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2 thoughts on “Why can’t I cast Scholar’s Armament in Elden Ring?”

  1. Thordyn

    I don’t think it is just special weapons you cannot cast on, because I am able to cast it on bloodhound fang but not frozen needle.

  2. HydraZosa

    This is true, mostly. The only thing I would alter is that some ashes of war you can add to a weapon, and still cast armaments on. For instance, on a long sword you put the “Blood Slash” ash of war on, you cannot cast armament enhancements; however, if you change the ability from Square-Off to, say, Double Slash, you can still cast armament enhancements on it. Not entirely sure what the criteria is, but it looks as though altering specific attributes is what causes the game to refute armament enhancements. Still doing testing, just something I noticed.

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