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How to open Treasure Vaults in Hogwarts Legacy & locations

Hunt down some treasure vaults in Hogwarts Legacy

Updated: Mar 23, 2023 12:58 pm
how to open treasure vaults in hogwarts legacy

In Hogwarts Legacy, there’s a huge map for you to explore, and plenty of beasts (sometimes shiny), ingredients for potions and much more can be found in the grounds and beyond. One of the aforementioned discoveries are treasure vaults. Stone barricades prevent you from entering, forcing you to solve a quick little puzzle to gain access. As a result, knowing how to open treasure vaults in Hogwarts Legacy is imperative to acquiring the valuables within.

Hogwarts Legacy doesn’t much explain how the puzzles work to players. Therefore, we’ve put our heads together for this guide explaining how to open treasure vaults in Hogwarts Legacy, and all the locations we know about for sure so far.

No matter if you are playing on a PC, console, or Steam Deck, there is much to do in Hogwarts Legacy and the Treasure Vaults are an easy way to enhance your in-game experience.

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How to open Treasure Vaults in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy 20230203232949

Each vault in Hogwarts Legacy comes with different puzzle. Lots of these quests involve using the spells you learn throughout the game, and this one is no exception.

On the ground in front of the entrance to some vaults is a plaque. Each plaque has a symbol representing a specific spell. Next to the entrance will always be a cube resembling a die with a symbol corresponding to the symbol on the floor plaque on each face.

To open the treasure vault, use Accio to move the cube so that it rests on top of the plaque. Occasionally, the cube might be a short distance away from the vault and you’ll need to Accio to bring it closer to the plaque. Once the cube is in place, cast the corresponding spell onto the cube. Now you can enter.

Hogwarts Legacy 20230203233012

Enter the vault and follow the path down to usually find a chest containing a decent piece of gear. For example, the vault behind the groundskeeper’s hut just down from the Hogwarts South Exit Floo Flame contains a chest with the Luxurious Cloak inside.

Hogwarts Legacy 20230204160833

Another puzzle type requires you pull a lever using Accio. The lever is generally located quite near to the treasure vault entrance. Once the stone wall shifts, head inside and follow the path down as far as it goes. Here, you’ll encounter another puzzle.

Hogwarts Legacy 20230204161022

In some places, you’ll see that the floor is lower in one part of the room. Look up and you’ll see a cube you can pull down using Accio. The trick here is that the floor shifts down wherever the cube is located. Pull it towards the chest to lower the floor around the stash and loot it.

Hogwarts Legacy 20230204161123

That covers how to open treasure vaults in Hogwarts Legacy. Now onto their locations!

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How to open the treasure vault in Lower Hogsfield

There are two treasure vaults in lower Hogsfield and we have outlined the location just below, but how do you open them?

You need to ensure you have unlocked both Accio and Incendio. These spells can be unlocked early on in Hogwarts from Charm class and will be vital to future treasure vaults and Merlin Trials.

All locations of Hogwarts Legacy Treasure Vaults (so far)

Treasure Vaults should come up on your map as pulsing, they will look like a small cave.

In the North Hogwarts Region, there is six Treasure Vaults in total. North Hogwarts is just south of the Forbidden Forest and west of Hogsmeade Valley.

In Lower Hogsfield, there are two Treasure Vaults. The first of these should be on the right of the bridge into Hogwarts. The second of these is in the second left fork in the path as you move away from Hogwarts and through Hogsfield, off the path on your right.

In the Forbidden Forest, there is one Treasure Vault. This is by the south west of the Forbidden Forest, near the side of a cliff near a poachers’ camp.

There are many more Treasure Vaults around Hogwarts Legacy map, too many to list neatly in one place. The ones above are a good place to start as they are close to your starting point at Hogwarts Castle, but let’s show you how to find even more just below.

How to find a Treasure Vault in Hogwarts Legacy

It’s no use learning how to solve these Hogwarts Legacy Treasure Vaults if you can’t find them on the map. The image below shows you how a Treasure Vault will look on the world map. Alternatively, we recommend heading to this interactive Hogwarts Legacy map online if you want a full scope of where to find Treasure Vaults quickly.

hogwarts legacy treasure vault icon

While you’re exploring the world of Hogwarts and grounds beyond, you should look out for these icons if you’re in the mood for some treasure. Track every single one of these down and reap the rewards if you want to aim for full completion of Hogwarts Legacy.

What’s inside Hogwarts Legacy Treasure Vaults?

Well, unsurprisingly, treasure! However, it’s always worth getting into one, because opening treasure vaults is going to get you extra gear, new items, and progress your character (generally), while also ensuring you soak up every nook and cranny of the brilliant Hogwarts Legacy map.

What do you do with cubes in Hogwarts Legacy?

As we describe in more fulsome detail in this article, cubes are vital to unlocking treasure vaults in Hogwarts Legacy. You need to move these into the right position, and get then (often) cast the corresponding spell to get a door to open.

Hopefully you can now set off on your journey to hunt down some hidden treasure in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy Treasure Vaults: Final word

Unlocking these treasure vaults will give you better gear in Hogwarts Legacy and enable you to make light work of any enemies near by. The good news is that there are loads of opportunities to get rewards in game, you just need to keep solving those puzzles!

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