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Elden Ring Hero class – items, weapons & everything you need to know

An in-depth look at Elden Ring's Hero class, pros, and cons, starting items and everything you might need to know.

Updated: Feb 25, 2022 9:09 am
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As strength-based character classes go, the Hero is a good shout, but it’s not as suitable as some if Elden Ring is your first foray into this kind of game. Massive strength and Vigor make the Hero a formidable foe, but the Dexterity is not there to be anything other than a tank.

You could even begin to build out a case of accusing the Hero class in Elden Ring to be a bit of a glass cannon – the strength of the Hero is remarkable but just don’t get hit as the defense is pretty average at best.

Also, a magic-based build is not really an option for the Hero in Elden Ring, and while starting Endurance isn’t too bad, it is an area you may wish to focus on improving earlier rather than later. The hero does have higher than other strength-based characters in the way of Arcane, but, even with that in mind, it is not necessarily the direction we would take a build with this class in.

Let’s now take a closer look at all the Hero’s baseline stats and starting equipment to arm you with as much knowledge as possible for the journey ahead.

Elden Ring Hero Stats


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Elden Ring Hero Stats

Elden Ring Hero Starting Equipment

  • Battle Axe
  • Leather Shield

Elden Ring Hero Starting Items

  • Choice of keepsake
  • Vision of Grace

Elden Ring Hero Starting Magic

  • None

Elden Ring Hero Info

  • Formidable strength allows the hero to pack a punch the game’s mighty weapons.
  • Endurance needs improving if you really want to take advantage of the above however.
  • Above average Arcane provides possibilities, but ultimately, we believe your time would be better spent building up the melle capabilities of the Hero in Elden Ring.

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