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Core Keeper bosses: How to find all the bosses in Core Keeper

Here is a guide on how to find all the bosses in Core Keeper

Updated: Jun 15, 2022 2:09 pm
Core Keeper bosses: How to find all the bosses in Core Keeper

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When you log into a fresh new world of Core Keeper, you are presented with three different statues. Each statue represents one of the three bosses you’re going to need to beat in the game to progress and ‘complete the game’. However, there are other bosses knocking around, so, we will tell you everything you need to know about the bosses in Core Keeper.

Core Keeper Bosses

Core Keeper Slime Boss Guide
Glurch is the first boss in the game.

At the time of writing, there are six bosses in Core Keeper. You have the three main bosses that you need to find and kill to power up the core. However, there are another three bosses in the Azeos Wilderness, the biome that was released as part of the game’s early access launch.

The first three bosses you need to fight are as follows:

  1. Glurch the Abominable – Aka the Slime boss.
  2. Ghorm the Devourer – The Worm Boss
  3. Hive Mother – The Chrysalis Larvae hatcher
  4. Malugaz The Corrupted (optional boss)

Numbers one to three are the order of bosses that you can fight and kill in Core Keeper. Typically, the Slime boss is located within close proximity to the Core, while Ghorm can be found on wide dirt paths that you can find throughout the Clay Caverns and the Forgotten Ruins. Finally, the Hive Mother is found in the hive sub biomes of the Clay Caverns.

If you ever get stuck trying to find the location of the bosses, you can always use a combination of ancient machinery and ancient gemstones to create a boss locator, which can be crafted from the Slime Boss statue at the core. This is particularly useful for finding the Hive Mother as she is the most out of the way boss of the three main bosses.

As for Malugaz, this boss is an optional boss associated with the Forgotten Ruins. You need to collect Crystal Skull Shards, which typically drop from Cavelings, especially the Shamans with the fire staff and the stone storage containers you can find throughout the Caveling home sub biomes. You can then turn ten into a skull, which you place on a summoning stone somewhere in the Forgotten Ruins biome. It is typically a circular room, with a 2×2 stone tile with a face engraved on it. That is the summoning location of Malugaz.

Oh, and you can also repeatedly summon the bosses by buying summoning items from the Caveling vendor, which can move in after you beat Ghorm for 500 per summon.

Azeos Wilderness Core Keeper Bosses

Then, in the Azeos Wilderness, you have another two bosses you can encounter.

  1. Ivy the Poisonous Mass
  2. Azeos the Sky Talon
  3. Golden Azeos the Sky Talon (Easter event boss)

Ivy is perhaps the hardest boss to find in Core Keeper as there is no Ivy scanner. Instead, you’re going to need to do a lot of tunneling, until you eventually stumble upon their locations. However, this is good news, because you need Scarlet Ore to forge yourself the next tier of armor and weapons that you need to take on the Core Keeper bosses.

Despite the difficulty of tracking down the boss, there is a key giveaway. You will come across a large area filled with pink ground slime. It is similar to how you stumble upon Glurch in that sense.

Core Keeper Azeos Scanner
You can craft this at the Hive Mother shrine

As for Azeos the Sky Talon, this boss can be tracked using a scanner from the Hive Mother. You will need five Ancient gemstones and Mechanical Parts, along with 10 Ancient Feathers, which you find while exploring the Azeos WildernessHowever, to actually summon the boss, you need to craft an item called the Large Shiny Slimmering Object. This requires 10 Copper, Tin, Iron, and Scarlet Bars, and 5 Gold Bars. Lastly, you need three ancient gemstones. This item is consumed to summon the boss as the designated location the canner points you towards. So, if you die, you will need to craft another one.

Golden Azeos the Sky Titan

Golden Azeos the Sky Titan
Meet the golden easter event boss.

Golden Azeos the Sky Titan is the new boss that is exclusive to the easter event. You need to collect five different easter eggs, each from the biomes, the brown, pink, grey and green easter eggs, each corresponding to the biomes in the game. The eggs drop from v variety of objects, such as random drops from walls, mobs and chests. Once you have all five eggs, you can then create a golden egg, which you can use to spawn the golden bird where you normally fight Azeos in the Wilderness biome.

Sunken Sea bosses

The Sunken Sea is the new Core Keeper biome as of the June 15 patch. The update adds in two new bosses, Omoroth the Sea Titan and Morpha. Omoroth is the main boss of the biome, which you need to find and fish up using an Expert Lure, which you craft from a new NPC you get for killing Azeos.

If you need more information on the Sunken Sea bosses, we have an in-depth guide to the Sunken Sea update, which you can read for tips, strategy and other useful information about the update.

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